Here Are The Best And Worst Foods We Ate At Coachella

    Eating our way through Coachella one dish at a time.

    Coachella has a bunch of regular greasy food (think frozen chicken tenders and subpar pizza), but it's also known for advertising some seriously gourmet and vegan foods.

    April, Macey, and I wanted to taste as much gourmet food as possible to see if it was actually worth the hype and high price tag.

    Tofu Balls from Starry Kitchen x Button Mash (Vegan)

    The Clover from Clover (Vegan)

    Crispy Vegetarian Rolls from Phorage

    Furikake Tater Tots from Sumo Dog

    Avocado Toast from Free Range (Vegan)

    All American from GD Bro Burger

    Roast Beef Sandwich from Top Round

    Reggae Wrap from Strictly Vegan Jamaican Cuisine (Vegan)

    Buffalo Cauliflower from Sage (Vegan)

    Original Chicken Sandwich from Free Range

    Chicken Tacos from Mexicali Tacos

    Ingredients: Chicken...that's about it.

    Price: $5 each

    April: So this was served in the beer garden to the left of the main stage aka the most packed area of the festival. The tacos were $5 each and reasonably priced, but paired with the length of the line and the fact there was A HAIR IN IT, it was worth the extra steps to go find food elsewhere.

    Claire: FUCK THAT HAIR.

    Miso Katsu Hot Dog from Sumo Dog

    Garlic Noodles With Beef from Starry Kitchen x Button Mash

    Jackfruit Tacos from Plant Food for People

    Pulled Pork Bahn Mi from Phorage

    Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza from Rossoblu

    Cookie Monster Ice Cream With Fruity Pebbles in a Milky Bun from Afters Ice Cream

    "Pop" Strawberry Pop Tart from Indie Jams

    Blackberry Lime Sorbet from McConnell's Fine Ice Creams (Vegan)

    Pink Stripe and Candy Pop from Donut Farm (Vegan)

    Milky Bun Jasmine Milk Tea Ice Cream With Captain Crunch from Afters Ice Cream

    Nutella S'mores from Mallow Mallow