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    23 Pipes That Are Almost Too Pretty To Smoke Out Of

    .... ALMOST.

    1. A USA-made borosilicate glass peach pipe that comes in three colors so you can get stoned on stone-fruit. (Badum-tsss)

    2. A rose quartz pipe hand cut from 100% natural stones in the USA, so you can fill your heart chakra and feel good about your pipe, all at once.

    3. A handblown borosilicate glass disc pipe that's pretty enough to use as a vase when mom comes over.

    4. A ceramic cow skull pipe that looks more like an art piece than a pipe.

    5. A handmade ceramic floral pipe that looks like it came straight from Anthropologie.

    6. A ceramic pipe so cute it looks like it came straight out of your DREAMS.

    7. A glass banana pipe that looks more like a pop art piece, AND gives 10% back on all purchases to the ACLU.

    8. A black and 22K gold flecked one hitter for keeping it classy on the go.

    9. A glass avocado pipe with extra grip for easier handling, for the Californian in your life.

    10. A ceramic apple that looks more like a fancy objet than a pipe.

    11. A handmade ceramic pipe that doubles as a feminist symbol.

    12. A music note glass pipe for the music enthusiast who wants to start or end their day on a (high) note.

    13. Some made-to-order ceramic pipes that are coated in 22K gold and come in three sizes.

    14. Or these handmade ceramic semi-glazed pipes that are the perfect California desert aesthetic.

    15. A handblown glass pipe that'll turn heads and have people asking where you got such a beautiful piece.

    16. Some handmade speckled one hitters if you need something to fit in your pocket.

    17. A ceramic pipe that could double as a bookend in a pinch.

    18. A seashell pipe for the person who dabbles as a mer.

    19. A classy ceramic accessory for the most elevated experience around.

    20. A carved pipe with a lid so you can pack and go, without having to fumble with your flower later on.

    21. A 3-D printed, stainless steel two-hitter with the phrase, "you light me up" for the light of your life.

    22. A minimalist, clear glass water pipe made out of medical grade borosilicate glass, that comes with it's own collector's case.

    23. A set of six borosilicate glass tips so your sensitive fingies don't get burned.