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14 Stages Of Starting A Game Of Dungeons & Dragons For The First Time

I need HOW many dice???

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Maybe your persistent friend (who is probably also a Dungeon Master) wore you down, or perhaps you've always been slightly curious, but for whatever reason, you are starting a game of D&D. Be wary young adventurer, embarking on this fantastical journey is no easy feat.

Stage 1: Personal acceptance that you'll be playing the nerdiest game known to man

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After careful deliberation you decide that the worst case scenario is that you'll be playing a game with your friends, and that doesn't actually sound all that bad. Who knows, it'll probably be really fun!

Stage 3: Daydreaming about your character (the possibilities are endless!)

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Sexy panther queen warrior-sorceress? NO ONE CAN STOP YOU.

Just kidding. There are no sexy panther queen warrior-sorceresses allowed. :(

Stage 5: Being totally and unequivically overwhelmed

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Gnome Fighters, Half-Orc Clerics, Dragonborn Rogues, Halfling Wizards and all with their own equipment, stats, pros and cons -- HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO CHOOSE??? This is a magical realm for Pete's sake, why can't my character be everything?!

Stage 10: Getting familiar with the dice

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You never knew this many kinds of dice existed! (And you still don't know whether it's die or dice but at this point, you're too afraid to ask)


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High rolls = high stats. High stats = stronger character. Nothing is more disappointing than being ready to slay dragons but having the Dexterity and Intelligence of a bumbling imbecile.

Stage 12: I have to fill this shit out?

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After staring helplessly at the character sheet for a while your DM takes pity on your soul and fills it out for you.


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What's in my explorers pack? When can I ride a bear? What do you MEAN I can't ride a bear? What is Danger Sense? Why can't I cast a spell? WHAT AM I DOING?

Thankfully your DM is a saint of a human.

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