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The Pregnant Transgendered Man Gives Birth To #3

Thomas Beatie, whom the world first met in 2008 as the pregnant man seated on Oprah Winfrey's couch, has given birth to his third child. And his wife Nancy couldn't be happier... happy in spite of the fact that she'll be the one up all night on nursing duty. Huh? You see, even though Nancy (who reps the traditional femme role in the relationship) is unable to carry a child due to a hysterectomy, she is able to breastfeed through the help of lactation-inducing hormones. She does, after all, still have her breasts, something her husband had removed years ago during his gender reassignment surgery. Speaking of which, turns out that Thomas decided to forego what's called by "transmen" as "bottom surgery." So while Thomas Beatie is legally a man, he remains equipped with working female reproductive organs down below. And my oh my has he certainly been using them over the last three years. Their newest addition joins sister Susan (25 months) and brother Austin (14 months).

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