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    • cjr4

      FIRST of all, if you actually read what I wrote, I never slammed gay people or same sex marriages. I simply said I don’t agree. that is my opinion, that is all. I am equally entitled to my opinion and that doesn’t make me any more retarded than you are for your opinion.  If you are actually open-minded like everyone should be, then you wouldn’t bash me for commenting that I actually AGREE with this protester as a valid legal point. I’m not saying your point is not valid if your only reason is “because you want to”. PEOPLE STOP READING BETWEEN THE LINES AND READ WHAT IS ACTUALLY WRITTEN!!! I’m thinking logically if you’re going to fight a legal battle and reverse laws made, you need to have a valid logical point that makes the law in place invalid…”because I want to” doesn’t prove that the law is wrong. cicadetta, I agree that the state should not have a say over who can marry and that no one should be discriminated against. Like I said, I have gay friends and I love them they are wonderful! and they know I don’t agree with same sex marriages. that doesn’t make them hate me, they just know that I have a different opinion than they do. They also know that if they choose to get married, I will be at their wedding because I love them and they are my friends. They also have their opinions of things that they don’t agree with that I do. Opinions shouldn’t come between people as a reason to hate or treat people rudely. You can fight for what you want and still be a kind and decent person. Anger clouds a persons thinking, and that’s true no matter who you are or what you believe. Also, for the record, I never said you should not be allowed to marry…>AND< I COMMENDED LGBT for fighting for what they want “No one fights harder for what they want than glbt(oops, sorry!), more people should stand up for their rights”.  be kind people!

    • cjr4

      I don’t agree with same sex marriages. In my opinion it is unnatural.Idon’t hate glbt,Iknow many and they are wonderful people. ButIhave to say, if you’re going to protest, at least haveagood argument like #42, that one actually hasalogical point other than “becauseIwant to” No one fights harder for what they want than glbt, more people should stand up for their rights, though technically if everyone stood up for their rights there would be pure chaos…just saying

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