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There's a new man atop the podium, and he weighs less than 10 pounds...

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ICYMI Michael Phelps became a Daddy (both in the paternal and gay slang sense) on May 5, 2016 when his son, Boomer, was born.

Instagram: @m_phelps00 / Via

That's a #DadBod we can all get behind (or in front of).

Phelps, along with wife Nicole Johnson and baby Boomer, instantly became the family we all wish we had been born into.

Instagram: @m_phelps00 / Via


Of course, Boomer didn't want to miss his Dad's last (most likely) Olympics So he travelled with Mommy, Daddy, and Grammy Debbie to Rio.

But then, things took a turn. Michael kept being Michael, winning race after race. But the spotlight shifted. Not to the sexy, former Miss CA Nicole Johnson. Not to the incredible force that is Debbie Phelps. But to BOOMER!

Unsurprisingly, Twitter is IN LOVE with the little future Olympian.

When boomer phelps is 3 months old and has more followers on Instagram than you doðŸ˜

He earned every one of those follows!

Boomer Phelps is the Prince George of the American aristocracy.

Move over North and Saint West. There's a new royal baby in town.

Disappointed that the Michael Phelps emoji's don't include Boomer #favoritephelps

Boomer was unable to comment on his emoji development due to having to poop.

And like most budding celebrities, he was quick to get a Twitter account.

Dad's busy cupping. Can you come change my diaper Mom? @MissNicoleJ

BUT, like most babies, he still gets called out by his Mom every now and then.

He would never say this to his daddy!

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