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It's OCD Awareness Week - What's Your Story?

Meet the JCK Foundation! Inspired by their friend John Kelly's battle with OCD, the JCK (John Cleaver Kelly) Foundation aims to help end the stigma associated with OCD and to teach others to be compassionate towards people afflicted with mental illness.

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A compassionate and accurate description of OCD and mental health is necessary to erase the stigma and complacent attitude about OCD which is currently portrayed in society. Our goal is for no one to be SCARED to tell a loved one what is going on in their mind out of fear of being judged or ignored. Our goal is also for that loved one to accept them with open arms. The more people that know John Kelly's incredible story, the easier it will be to accept and understand what a loved one may be suffering with. Your support of a loved one who is suffering can make all the difference; let them know they are not fighting this battle alone. It can help so much towards ending the stigma.

JCK Foundation: Here Is OUR Story, What's YOURS?

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Check out the video above to learn more about the JCK Foundation - an organization founded by John Kelly's family and friends that hopes to raise awareness for OCD and help end the stigma of mental illness in this country.

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