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    7 Things Scammers Do To Fool You (with Animal GIFs)

    To mark the launch of Scams Awareness Month 2014 we look at some common tactics scammers employ.

    1. Strike when you're least expecting it.

    2. Distract you so you don't realise it's happening.

    3. Work with a trusted accomplice...

    4. ...or even a well-oiled team.

    5. Strike when you're online.

    6. Go to great lengths to con you.

    7. Beat a hasty retreat when they get what they want.

    In reality, scams are no laughing matter.

    Criminals use a range of sophisticated tactics to catch you out, so make sure you know what to look out for.

    Find out how you can protect yourself and others by getting advice on how to spot scams.

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