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15 Hilarious Holiday Cards You’ll Be Sad You Didn’t Receive

These families are more "ha ha ha" than "ho ho ho." Unleash your family's silly side with Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ this holiday season.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the silliest holiday cards their families have ever sent. Here are some of the cards you'll be sad you didn't receive:

1. This card from a family who knows naughty is more fun than nice:

2. This card that proves there's no such thing as too much plaid:

3. This take on the classic Santa Makes Kid Unexpectedly Sad trope:

4. This amusingly moody and perfectly decorated card:

5. This holiday hostage situation:

6. This insane holiday card remix:

7. This card from parents who'd just like some peace and quiet for once:

8. This adorable card that makes a strong case for dressing up Halloween-style during the holidays:

9. This card that proves you should probably ask more questions when your parents ask you for an embarrassing photo:

10. This delightfully awkward card:

11. This "sledding down the stairs" card that was definitely more dangerous than it looks:

12. This sassy solo holiday card:

13. This truly excellent attempt at smiling for the camera:

14. This '80s flashback holiday card:

15. And this card that's as weird as it is wonderful:

From our crazy family to yours… Share your family’s sillier side this holiday season with a Cinnamon Toast Crunch™–inspired holiday card.