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30 Photos You Just Want To Stare At All Day

SO WHO DID IT BETTER? These handsome men or their cute copycats?

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1. Suit and Tie

2. Karate Chop

3. Tangled in Ropes

4. Chilling

5. Playing a Tune

6. Working that Hat

7. Leaning on a Bike

8. Stretching

9. Sporting the Beanie

10. Covered in Snow

11. Black Tie Sophistication

12. In the Hood

13. High Jump

14. Stink Eye?

15. Four Eyes

16. Bromance

17. So Fluffy

18. Slick B&W

19. Gazing into a Mirror

20. All Wrapped Up

21. Biting my Thumb

22. Biting my Lip

23. Mr. Moustache

24. Cool Cat

25. Raise the Roof

26. Wearing Shades Right

27. Scream and Shout

28. Shower Time

29. Being All Acrobatic

30. Meow Baby, Meow

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