20 Must-Have Accessories For The “Hunger Games” Geeks

For the love of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark! These are beautiful (mostly fan-made) products that can be bought by clicking the images!

1. Vintage iPhone Case

Time to bling up your phone with hunger games pride. This one might be sold out, but it had the best design. View similar ones at great prices by clicking the image above!

2. Down with the Capitol Keepsake Box

Who doesn’t need a grungy box like that to put all their jewelry in?

3. Mockingjay Keepsake Box

Another design of the keepsake box that is different and artistic. There are colored versions as well!

4. May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor Keepsake Box

Okay, okay, there were a lot of cool boxes, but these were top three. Moving on…

5. I Volunteer my Brother Flask Necklace

Kind of nasty when you think about it, but it’s got a playful ring to it.

6. Short and Sweet Flask Necklace

It’s almost got a Victorian vibe to it and Effie Trinket probably took a swig or two before she stepped out onto the stage. I would’ve.

7. Mockingjay Cuff

The symbol is made out of antique brass and it has a good color combination for the ‘I-need-to-stay-alive’ look.

8. Simple Mockingjay Bracelet

The bird extends its wings across the wrist elegantly (kind of resembles a fallen angel). It is tied at both ends with a charming dark gray.

9. Black and Silver Multi-Bracelet

It has that tough silver metal and black leather look like the one you would wear when you need to kill everyone else to survive…right?

10. Or The Simpler Version in Brown

11. Rose Garden Pocket Watch

Elegant gold rose patterns complement and emphasize the central emblem of the hunger games very well. Since the first book was set in a forest arena, it’s quite fitting (although I didn’t see any pretty roses).

12. Couture Pocket Watch

This one allows you to see the time clearer and time is precious when you’re being hunted by other tributes.

13. Katniss’ Arrow Earrings

Shoot straight!

14. Mixed and Matched Bracelets

A more complicated bracelet with bits of different districts and different challenges Katniss undergoes. Loving the infinity sign too.

15. Fiery Nail Polish

These are the fiery colors that empower and define the strength of Katniss as a heroine! I don’t have the URL to buy it but a DIY tutorial is linked!

16. Survival Sling Bag

Plain and simple with the hunger games sign blazing in the middle.

17. Capitol Tote

Totes are so handy and light and they go with anything. Need I say more?


For all you non-geeks: The Hob is otherwise known as the black market of District 12 where Katniss (in the movie) finds her lucky mockingjay pin.

19. Survival Sack

It’s a lifesaver. Totally using this to put stinky clothes in.

20. Total Commitment to Hunger Games

Hunger games brother/sisterhood for life (just because this looks like a frat ring)! It’s only a matter of time before the epidemic of the hunger games obsession spreads to the mountain tops around the world. Or, at least, where there’s cable, internet and bookstores available. May the odds be ever in your favor!

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the Catching Fire trailer!


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