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    20 Dorm Rooms You Wish Were Yours

    Need some dorm room ideas? Well, thankfully, some people go all out so take from their experience!

    1. The Pastel Bookworm

    2. Urban Jungle

    3. Classy Loftstyle Livin'

    4. Wall of Fame

    5. The Romantic

    6. The Minimalist

    7. Au Naturale

    8. Web of Sparkle

    9. Green Landscape

    10. Tropical Turf

    11. Oriental Ambience

    12. Island of Privacy

    13. Starry Starry Night

    14. Graphic Asymmetry

    15. Secret Tent

    16. The Hipster

    17. Vintage Pro

    18. Strategic and Artsy

    19. Organized Nostalgia

    20. Fashionista Divaset