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20 Dorm Rooms You Wish Were Yours

Need some dorm room ideas? Well, thankfully, some people go all out so take from their experience!

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3. Classy Loftstyle Livin'


I'm not sure many dorms would allow you to showcase an array of empty liquor bottles on your top shelf, but the idea of an expansive couch is quite helpful when you have drunk friends who know they won't make it to their beds tonight (as long as they don't leave puke stains everywhere). Oh, and top it off with a adequately sized TV and loud speakers to transform it into a great social space. Score!

4. Wall of Fame


Talk about movie star galore! Collect various photos of celebrities, bands, film posters and then put them on the wall like a huge panorama of old hollywood. Then put a random photo of the beach with palm trees on the side of your desk because, well, why not?

5. The Romantic


Install larger-than-life typography on a clean wall with your favorite quote, your happy thoughts or a positive note staring at you all day and night. Then criss-cross small christmas lights across the ceiling to give it that romantic effect. Lots of swirls, pearls and spirals will go well with it. Keep the rest simple.

6. The Minimalist


Classic christmas lights, easy black and whites, maybe some polka dots along the way. Possibly add one or two fabric strips of magnets and photographs against the wall or next to the window. Voila! A nice get-away from a busy day.

7. Au Naturale


Besides a couple of memorable photos, post-cards and lights hung here and there, it's always fine to have the peaceful appearance of a natural room with additional light floral prints on the pillow cases and baby pink, lavender and off-white. It works very well if there are more windows to let the fresh air and rays of sunshine in.

8. Web of Sparkle


Twinkle twinkle my bed is the center of attention. If that's the case, then light it up with christmas lights interlaced here and there around the headboard. The Dream Catcher typography above it is also quite creative and empowering, if you're into that.

9. Green Landscape


How nice is it to get along with your roommate so well that your double actually looks like a single with two beds? Notice the very gentle hues and how polished it feels without a million things stuck and hung on the walls.

10. Tropical Turf


Cram everything underneath your bed including your desk, fan, lantern lights, clock, knick knacks, post-its, post-cards, stationary, scarves, whatever! Stick to colors like yellow, red and green, use lots of patterned items and don't be afraid to clutter a little bit (if you don't mind the occasional dust bunnies). It photographs beautifully and leaves extra space for the fridge you might want to have on the side.

11. Oriental Ambience


We got beautiful printed curtains, a nice furry blanket, warm-toned pillows and lanterns, candlelight and a Buddha statue on the bedside. The thin sheet partially covering the blinds on the window is a smart move to avoid blinding sunlight waking you up at 6am every morning.

12. Island of Privacy


Nothing better than a nice, private space hidden from everyone else. The ladder adds a nice touch. Imagine lying there staring at the blue lights. It's like perpetual nightfall with every star shining without the burden of city light. I do worry about the low-ceiling problem though, especially for the tall ones.

13. Starry Starry Night


Try an abundance of light zigzagging across the room, outlining the windows. And if you're good at construction, attach a nice thin sheet across the ceiling to give a filtered light effect, which illuminates the entire room.

14. Graphic Asymmetry


Being a little adventurous never hurts. There's a hint of bipolarism in here though, with the whole pink and aqua pillows, bohemian circle print blankets, geometric wall decor, zebra disco ball and random crap on the ground. But if you're still figuring out who you are, go ahead and don't be ashamed!

18. Strategic and Artsy


The positioning of the polaroids on the wall is beautiful because the negative space between the two clumps of photographs adds a spaciousness to the dorm room and also gives an illusion of photographic windows. If you can find a sketch of something like those swans and have it stuck onto the wall in an awesome way then go for it, otherwise a plain background doesn't hurt...just don't go apeshit on graffiti.

19. Organized Nostalgia


Memories, memories, memories. Whether it's your photos or someone else's, lining them up as this person did would create a cool flashback experience when you're lying in bed waiting to fall asleep.

20. Fashionista Divaset

Magazine cut-outs from fashion magazines are awesome to work with because they're thin and stick onto walls very well. Pair that up with some popping hot pink and black and you don't need much more to create your own little fashion showroom. Plus, if you're a fashionista already, your closet is probably going to take up a lot of space and they would count as an embellishment to the entirety anyway.

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