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    Just 19 Lil' Gifts To Buy Yourself Because You Deserve It

    From beauty and home to fashion and fitness, our Goodful shop has the perfect little treat for everyone.

    1. A cork yoga mat that's not only eco-friendly but also extra grippy and anti-microbial. As someone who's made the switch to a cork mat myself, trust me, other mats just don't compare!

    Someone in forward crescent lunge on cork yoga mat

    2. A colorful 1,000-piece puzzle so you can get ~jiggy~ with your favorite hobby in vibrant, art-deco style.

    Two people finishing up the last of the puzzle

    3. An UpCircle clay face mask made from the finely ground powder of olive stones, white kaolin clay, coconut powder, and baobab oil, which together work to gently clarify and cleanse skin. Translation: it'll leave your skin feeling*ah*-mazing all while keeping those pesky blackheads and breakouts at bay.

    4. A pair of chic leather slide sandals since they'll turn pretty much any summer outfit into one that radiates pure style. Put another way, it's giving ~trendy European fashionista~.

    5. An extra luxurious silk pillowcase so you can get the maximum degree of ~beauty rest~ each and every night. Truly! It's made from Lilysoft, a silk that's even softer and more elastic than standard silk pillowcases, which means less frizz and more skin and hair revitalization in turn.

    The pillowcase next to traveling tube

    6. A gold, flower-shaped phone stand adorned with crystals for a lovely (and practical!) piece of decor that'll encourage you to stop scrolling TikTok and live in the moment instead (or just get your work done in a timely fashion for once).

    7. A Barkhat bath bomb if you want to feel like pampered royalty, bathing in a fragrant rose garden. What could be more relaxing than a luxurious soak paired with the lovely scent of rose, violet, and gardenia? Nothing.

    the bath bomb

    8. A glass tile coaster to stylishly protect your wooden tables and countertops and add a splash of cheerful color wherever you need it!

    The coaster with glass of water on it

    9. A fennel and cardamom chai soap bar with a spiced scent so heavenly, you'll have noooo problem scrubbing for a good 20 seconds (or longer). Oh, and BTW, this gently exfoliating soap can be used on your body *and* your face!

    Someone holding the sudsy soap bar

    10. A darling purple puffy one-shoulder top for when your mood can best be described as frolicking through a field of lavender... this is 100% the clothing equivalent of that.

    Model in the purple top with matching pants

    11. A gua sha kit since not only does it feel amazing to gently massage your skin with this rose quartz stone, but it can also help alleviate muscle tension, increase circulation, and reduce puffiness. Sign me up!

    The rose quartz stone on crystal pedestal with flower blooms around it

    12. A Turkish blanket that's the perfect weight for summer snuggling. Plus, the reversible neutral colors make it perfect for draping over your couch, chair, or reading nook.

    13. An aromatherapy sleep candle with a soothing and therapeutic blend of essential oils that'll lure you into a deep and restful slumber. We're talking lavender, chamomile, rose, patchouli, and more!

    the purple candles in big and small size lit on nightstand

    14. A luxe body oil full of magical ingredients, like scar-repairing marula and camellia oils, deeply moisturizing vitamins C and E, and the inviting scent of mint, orange, and vanilla oils. So, in other words, it'll leave your skin soft, hydrated, and glowing!

    15. A eucalyptus silk sleep mask because you deserve to catch some luxurious ~shut eye~ no matter where you are. Just slip this over your eyes and drift away to dreamland...

    16. A sleek and smart water bottle featuring a built-in infusion chamber because you'll likely stay way more hydrated when you can sip ~fancy, fruit-infused water~ instead of plain ol' H2O.

    the water bottle with water and lemon, mint, and ginger nearby

    17. A blue linen jumpsuit because linen is the fabric of summer, and you can never go wrong with a casual-chic loose romper. This piece is exactly what you've been dreaming of!

    model in the blue jumpsuit from side angle

    18. A colorful,12-piece nonstick Goodful ceramic cookware set if it's high time your kitchen could use some pots and pans that A) don't suck and leave half the food stuck on the bottom of the pan and B) are also cute! Well, look no further, my fellow home chefs!

    The set

    19. A woven bread basket since it'll add a cute farmhouse touch to your space, whether you use it to store bread, fruits, trinkets, office supplies, or whatever else you might think of! Plus, the handles make it extra ideal for serving some fresh bread or rolls, too.

    the basket with a loaf of bread in it