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    20 Bestselling Sex Toys From Lovehoney That Have ~Memorable~ Reviews For A Reason

    "I had three orgasms in 20 minutes." —an actual review from this post

    1. A rechargeable mini-massage wand because bigger is not always better. Unlike a bulky full-size wand, this little gem has a bendy neck and can really reach those hard-to-pinpoint feel-good spots.

    The metallic purple-pink ombre wand with flexible neck being bent down on surface

    2. A fiery flame vibrator that'll flicker like a tongue to bring the heat (metaphorically speaking, that is) and leave you feeling ~tongue-tied.~ 🔥

    The red flame-shaped vibrator

    3. A stainless-steel curved dildo since it can expertly target your G-spot or your P-spot, either of which will leave you moaning and quaking. And for some extra fun, you can play around with temperature by running it under some hot or cold water beforehand.

    The silver dildo resting in its pink satin cushion in black case

    4. A remote-controlled egg vibrator so you or your partner can tease you without ever even having to touch your body — it's also pretty perfect for getting you ~excited~ for the physical activity to come. Whoever's in charge can easily keep things interesting night after night with eight patterns and 12 intensity levels to choose from. 😈

    the egg vibrator and remote control

    5. A whisper-quiet and waterproof G-spot rabbit vibe that will have you riding waves of unbelievable pleasure as it stimulates your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. Get ready to experience the magic of the all-mighty *blended orgasm.* P.S. It's Fifty Shades of Grey approved. 😏

    The black vibrator in water

    6. An eco-friendly clitoral vibrator made from recycled, skin-friendly aluminum and body-safe silicone, because there's simply no reason to sacrifice that ✨ sensation✨ in the name of sustainability. It even comes with a bamboo storage bag!

    The sleek clitoral stimulator wand resting atop bamboo storage bag that reads love. not war

    7. A vibrating bullet ring because it promises the perfect amount of stimulation for you both. The textured dual rings boost sensation around both the shaft and testicles, but there's also a removable bullet vibe with two vibration speeds and three patterns — which means lots of fun whether it's inserted into the ring or used on its own!

    the dual cock ring with bullet vibe removed and laying next to it

    8. A completely waterproof rabbit ears vibrator to expertly pinpoint your clit so you can fully enjoy the tingling sensations of all three vibration speeds and four patterns — either with or without internal penetration.

    The pink rabbit ears vibrator

    9. A We-Vibe couples' vibrator that can be controlled either via app or the squeeze-remote (the harder you or your partner squeezes, the more intense the vibrations, baby!). It's a fun way to spice things up for long-distance lovers, but it doesn't disappoint IRL, either.

    10. A double-ended vibrating strapless strap-on, which sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is (I promise). It's flexible and easy to maneuver into a mutually-comfortable position, and once you do, you're both in for a WILD ride of pleasure, with eight vibration patterns, 12 speeds, and pliable rabbit ears to get you both going.

    The purple sex toy showing one dildo end in a stop-motion vibrating motion

    11. A silicone finger vibrator since it'll add extra sensation and pleasure without requiring you (or your partner) to change up your technique — just slip it on and let the buzz bring you to new levels of bliss!

    the pink vibrator on an index finger

    12. A waterproof rechargeable clitoral stimulator because it creates mind-blowing, oral-sex-mimicking pulsing sensations with literally the touch of a button (and maybe a few more touches, as you have fun with the six levels of intensity). Ummm, sign me up!

    The pink stimulator resting in someone's palm, showing the silicon-tipped suction area and control panel, with power button and - and + controls for speed

    13. Or, this similar suction toy if you want the same pleasure-inducing air technology but at a much cheaper price tag. The trade-off: this one's not fully waterproof, and it runs on batteries instead of USB charging. But, it's still got six powerful vibration settings that will leave you breathless and quivering.

    The purple suction toy with duck design on handle

    14. A Fleshlight Flight textured masturbator that will tease you or your partner with stimulating bumps inside the real-feel sleeve. Whether you're using it together or solo, this baby is especially ideal for edging — which means even greater pleasure when the moment does finally come. There's a reason it's a #1 bestseller!

    model holding the fleshlight

    15. A triple-function rabbit vibrator featuring a rotating shaft, clit-stimulating rabbit ears, *and* anal beads for those of you who get off best when everything is stimulated. You know what they say — three is the magic number! 😉

    The triple rabbit vibe in pink

    16. A soft-touch vibrator to perfectly target any external pleasure spots with ease. All you have to do is gently squeeze this squishy and flexible vibe until you hit the right spot and setting — and then brace yourself for the mind-blowing waves of bliss, especially if you're using it with penetration too.

    The pink vibe in someone's hand

    17. A 3-inch penis extender with ball loop if your partner has always fantasized what it'd be like if you had just a tad more length and girth... or if you just want to pleasantly surprise them. I can almost guarantee they won't be disappointed, which means you'll be happy too.

    The clear glass penis extender

    18. An extra powerful cordless magic wand so you can enjoy super strong vibrations (with eight settings to choose from) wherever it feels good on your body.

    The magic wand vibrator

    19. A vibrating strap-on with dildo to switch up or introduce new penetration play with your partner. Plus, with 10 vibration settings, it's sure to create enjoyable sensations for both of you.

    The vibrating harness with remote attached shown on mannequin

    20. A We-Vibe app-controlled clitoris stimulator that'll let your partner tease your lil' love button from afar. Of course, it's also pretty fun for hands-free play by yourself too.

    The clitoral vibrator next to smartphone displaying the app

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