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    31 Products From Walmart Your Kitchen Is, I’m Sorry, Incomplete Without

    This year, everyone's doing a lot more cooking at home, so why not get those essential kitchen tools you've been needing?

    1. A Dutch oven that will become your go-to for all those cozy pasta and soup recipes you're going to make this fall. It's also perfect for bread-making because it's oven-safe.

    the dutch oven in red

    2. A Magic Bullet mini blender for whipping up a morning smoothie in record time. And you won't be left with a massive blender to clean up.

    magic bullet mini blender with purple smoothie inside

    3. A garlic press that perfectly minces garlic cloves into even pieces. And the handle prevents your hands from getting all garlicky.

    person using a garlic press to mince a garlic clove

    4. A digital meat thermometer so you can make sure you're fully cooking that roast chicken you've been working all night on.

    person using meat thermometer to check the temperature of a roast chicken

    5. A citrus juicer, because your recipes will become 10 times better with fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice.

    white citrus juicer on a yellow kitchen towel

    6. A sheet pan for all of your baking needs, whether you're whipping up your famous chocolate chip cookies or you're roasting some vegetables for meal prep.

    three sheet pans on a counter

    7. An electric tea kettle, because it heats up water about four times faster than that crusty stovetop kettle you never use anymore. And even if you don't drink tea, this kettle is great if you need to boil water in a hurry.

    electric tea kettle on a countertop

    8. A 15-piece set of high-quality stainless-steel knives that you will use literally every day for all of your chopping needs.

    15 piece knife block set on a white background

    9. A 42-piece set of food storage containers with leak-proof lids that actually snap to the bottom of the correct container, so you're never searching for that correct lid.

    42 pieces of a food storage container set

    10. A sturdy colander for draining pasta or cleaning fruits and vegetables. It's oversized so you never have to worry about your food flowing over.

    white kitchenaid colander

    11. A muffin tin from BuzzFeed's Tasty collection that's perfect for anyone who has taken up baking as a hobby with all that ~free time~ we've had this year.

    muffin tin on a white marble counter

    12. A set of Pyrex measuring cups to get accurate measurements for all of your wet ingredients.

    three pyrex measuring cups on a blue background

    13. And a set of measuring cups and spoons that fit into each other for easy storage. You'll obviously use the spoons for smaller measurements, but the cups are made to get accurate measurements of your dry ingredients.

    a set of measuring cups and spoons in a kitchen drawer

    14. A large heat-resistant turner to become the kitchen utensil you reach for the most. It's great for flipping eggs, making pancakes, and serving piping hot casseroles, just to name a few uses.

    black kitchenaid turner on a kitchen counter

    15. And this three-piece set of cooking utensils that come with a slit in the handle so you can balance them on the side of a pot in between stirs. Genius!

    The set in red

    16. A nonstick skillet, because nothing is worse than having the meal you worked so hard on get stuck to the pan when you're cooking it!

    The nonstick pans

    17. And a pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet, because it allows for even heat distribution so your food will come out perfectly every time.

    a cast-iron skillet with a whole roasted chicken in it

    18. A set of cutting boards that are odor- and stain-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and won't dull your knives, even if you use them every day.

    The two cutting boards

    19. A saucepan with a lid that's perfect for whipping up rice, pasta, and, yes, as the name implies, sauces!

    the saucepan

    20. A dual-sided peeler with a serrated blade for soft produce like tomatoes and a straight blade for firm produce like apples and potatoes.

    21. A pair of grippy tongs that easily grip any food you're cooking, whether you're trying to flip it to cook the other side or serve the food at the dinner party.

    blue stainless steel tongs

    22. A slow cooker for those hectic days when you wish dinner would just make itself. Because after you throw some ingredients in and wait a few hours, it does magically cook dinner!

    23. A kitchen scraper that helps you transfer chopped veggies from a cutting board to your pan. It's also great for handling bread dough.

    person using scraper to pick up chopped red onion

    24. An electric hand mixer to speed up all that mixing you have to do when making baked goods. Say goodbye to arm cramps from using just a wooden spoon.

    Hand holding the mixer

    25. A set of mixing bowls with silicone lids that you can use for easy food storage or taking your culinary creation on the go.

    three mixing bowls with food in them on a dinner table

    26. A pair of kitchen shears for chopping delicate ingredients like green onions or cilantro.

    black kitchenaid shears on a wooden cutting board

    27. A can opener with a super-sharp blade and easy-to-turn knob that makes opening that can of beans as easy as possible.

    a black kitchenaid can opener on a kitchen counter

    28. A box grater to keep everything contained and mess-free as you grate cheese or vegetables for your recipe.

    The stand-up grater

    29. A waffle maker for making diner-quality waffles from the comfort of your home. Freezer waffles? Never heard of her.

    The waffle maker

    30. A three-tier collapsible cooling rack perfect for anyone with limited counter space but a serious baking habit. Go ahead and make three dozen muffins; you now have room to cool them down!

    gray three tier cooling rack

    31. And an ice cream scoop for those times you pull frozen-solid ice cream out of the freezer but you need to eat that ice cream RIGHT. NOW!

    The ice cream scoop

    With these kitchen gadgets and tools, you're going to become so good at cooking, you could do it with your eyes closed.

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