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    31 Products From Walmart Your Kitchen Is, I’m Sorry, Incomplete Without

    This year, everyone's doing a lot more cooking at home, so why not get those essential kitchen tools you've been needing?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Dutch oven that will become your go-to for all those cozy pasta and soup recipes you're going to make this fall. It's also perfect for bread-making because it's oven-safe.

    the dutch oven in red

    Promising review: "I bought one three years ago and l love it! It's of course very heavy, but l love cooking with it; especially soups and stews. It's very well made and even after three years of very frequent use, it's still looks like new! Highly recommend it!!" –Delia

    Price: $39.98 (originally $59.97, available in four colors)

    2. A Magic Bullet mini blender for whipping up a morning smoothie in record time. And you won't be left with a massive blender to clean up.

    magic bullet mini blender with purple smoothie inside

    Promising review: "I have been through multiple blenders in the last few years. None of them can compare to this little dynamo. I am finally through with searching for a blender. It is also priced great." –Theodore

    Price: $22.96

    3. A garlic press that perfectly minces garlic cloves into even pieces. And the handle prevents your hands from getting all garlicky.

    person using a garlic press to mince a garlic clove

    Promising review: "Worked great! I was so tired of having uneven pieces, some too big, some squashed. Really easy to clean also." –sandy

    Price: $19.25 (originally $23.04)

    4. A digital meat thermometer so you can make sure you're fully cooking that roast chicken you've been working all night on.

    person using meat thermometer to check the temperature of a roast chicken

    Promising review: "Love the large, easy-to-read display and seems to take a reading much quicker than other thermometers I have used. The probe locks back to storage without worrying about damaging it and the quick temperature reference on the back is super handy for reminders for different meats and doneness." –Matt

    Price: $19.99 (originally $26.99)

    5. A citrus juicer, because your recipes will become 10 times better with fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice.

    white citrus juicer on a yellow kitchen towel

    Promising review: When a recipe calls for any type of citrus juice, I really prefer using fresh fruit to get that juice from. This Pioneer Woman handheld citrus press not only coordinates well with my other kitchen pieces from the same brand, but does a great job squeezing out every drop of juice. The trick is to heat up the fruit slightly in the microwave and then roll around on a hard surface, slice it down the middle (or into small sections if trying to juice something large), and then squeeze it with this press juicer. It works great and even captures the seeds so they do not get into your juice." –ccsakura

    Price: $7.97

    6. A sheet pan for all of your baking needs, whether you're whipping up your famous chocolate chip cookies or you're roasting some vegetables for meal prep.

    three sheet pans on a counter

    Promising review: "They are a very sturdy quality. They are not flimsy or bendable like some cheap pans are. They have excellent non-stick finishing on both the front and back of each pan. When I took the food out of the oven it was just sliding around on the pan and I didn’t even use any type of grease. When I went to wash them they cleaned up slick as a whistle. You didn’t have to scrub at all or use any type of scrubber. They cleaned up perfectly with just a washrag. It’s important that the back has that great finish too. Otherwise they get all scorched and hard to clean. These pans have a lifetime warranty too! Just return them with the receipt and they will gladly replace it or give you your money back. How can you go wrong?!!!" –GmaSuzann

    Price: $8.98 for a set of three

    7. An electric tea kettle, because it heats up water about four times faster than that crusty stovetop kettle you never use anymore. And even if you don't drink tea, this kettle is great if you need to boil water in a hurry.

    electric tea kettle on a countertop

    Promising review: "Just got this delivered. Unpacked and plugged in right away, and filled with water to max and within four minutes had boiling hot water. I love the lights. The unit is heavy and seems to be very well made. For the price you just can't beat it." –Progressivegal

    Price: $22.99

    8. A 15-piece set of high-quality stainless-steel knives that you will use literally every day for all of your chopping needs.

    15 piece knife block set on a white background

    This set includes a chef's knife, slicing knife, Santoku knife, serrated utility knife, paring knife, Bird's Beak paring knife, six steak knives, sharpening steel and all-purpose household shears, and a block to hold them all.

    Promising review: "I really needed a new set of knives and am very happy with my purchase. They are extremely sharp, well contoured and was purchased at a very good price. If you are looking for a set of good quality budget conscious knives you won't be disappointed." –Gary M

    Price: $59.99 (originally $99)

    9. A 42-piece set of food storage containers with leak-proof lids that actually snap to the bottom of the correct container, so you're never searching for that correct lid.

    42 pieces of a food storage container set

    Promising review: "Great price for this set. I like that the lids fit tight and are also easy to get on and off with my arthritic hands. Perfect for leftovers and for portioning out snacks for my son." –Justme

    Price: $19.99 (originally $49.99)

    10. A sturdy colander for draining pasta or cleaning fruits and vegetables. It's oversized so you never have to worry about your food flowing over.

    white kitchenaid colander

    Promising review: "I love this colander! Extra deep so holds plenty. Nice soft handles. Nonslip feet on bottom so it doesn't move when pouring into to drain." –BevieK

    Price: $12.97

    11. A muffin tin from BuzzFeed's Tasty collection that's perfect for anyone who has taken up baking as a hobby with all that ~free time~ we've had this year.

    muffin tin on a white marble counter

    Promising review: "The Tasty muffin/cupcake pan is perfect for whipping up an amazing batch of your favorite muffins of cupcakes. The pan is sturdy and very well made. The nonstick pan makes clean up easy and the fact that the pan is dishwasher safe is an added bonus as well. Even after a few washes the pan has held up well. I would definitely recommend the Tasty line of bakeware to anyone that needs sturdy and well made bakeware without a huge price tag." –DaynaD68

    Price: $7.84

    12. A set of Pyrex measuring cups to get accurate measurements for all of your wet ingredients.

    three pyrex measuring cups on a blue background

    Promising review: "This is a great set of measuring cups made of thick, heat-tolerant glass. The handles are far enough from the cup that you can grasp them with an oven mitt on. The markings are clear and sharp for measuring in ounces, cups, and milliliters. It's perfect for when you need to whisk multiple liquids before adding to other ingredients." –jgmtst123

    Price: $17.99 (originally $24.99)

    13. And a set of measuring cups and spoons that fit into each other for easy storage. You'll obviously use the spoons for smaller measurements, but the cups are made to get accurate measurements of your dry ingredients.

    a set of measuring cups and spoons in a kitchen drawer

    Promising review: I love these measuring cups and spoons because of the way they stay together in the drawer. I can always find all of them. I would suggest putting one cup, 1/2 cup et cetera on the larger pieces. I know which size is which but with children in the kitchen finding the right size would be easier." –margaret

    Price: $9.99

    14. A large heat-resistant turner to become the kitchen utensil you reach for the most. It's great for flipping eggs, making pancakes, and serving piping hot casseroles, just to name a few uses.

    black kitchenaid turner on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "This is exactly what I was looking for: a turner of a soft enough material that would not scratch my pans yet firm enough that would keep its shape flipping a heavy steak and with a thick, sturdy handle that allows you to control it well." –Hector

    Price: $6.97

    15. And this three-piece set of cooking utensils that come with a slit in the handle so you can balance them on the side of a pot in between stirs. Genius!

    The set in red

    The set features a spatula for mixing and blending, a solid spoon for stirring and serving, and a slotted spoon for spooning out foods from poaching liquids and cooking broths.

    Promising review: "These tools are by FAR my favorites in the kitchen. I've bought all of my friends and family members these tools. If you have nonstick cookware, you MUST HAVE these tools." –Cook Queen

    Price: $24.99 (available in two colors)

    16. A nonstick skillet, because nothing is worse than having the meal you worked so hard on get stuck to the pan when you're cooking it!

    The nonstick pans

    Promising review: "They work great. Extremely lightweight and truly non stick. They look good, work great and have not faded, chipped or anything else. Overall, great pans for the money." –EmilyD

    Price: $19.94 for a set of three (originally $24.94)

    17. And a pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet, because it allows for even heat distribution so your food will come out perfectly every time.

    a cast-iron skillet with a whole roasted chicken in it

    Promising review: "I love this pan; it's great! I use it for almost everything! I use it every day! It's easy to clean! Cooks evenly and I love it so much I have two." –dsdkpfaff

    Price: $19.90 (originally $39.50)

    18. A set of cutting boards that are odor- and stain-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and won't dull your knives, even if you use them every day.

    The two cutting boards

    Promising review: "Three perfect sizes for my needs. I love that they are white, contemporary and clean-looking. They are easy to clean and they were not expensive." –Dolly

    Price: $11.64 for a set of three (originally $19)

    19. A saucepan with a lid that's perfect for whipping up rice, pasta, and, yes, as the name implies, sauces!

    the saucepan

    Promising review: "I see my mom using aluminum pans to cook stuff which at the end are very hard to clean and wash. I have got this pan for her and she loves it. It's very easy to clean. The pan is thick and cooks even at all size. The price is reasonable as well." –sana

    Price: $12.76

    20. A dual-sided peeler with a serrated blade for soft produce like tomatoes and a straight blade for firm produce like apples and potatoes.


    Promising review: "Very good quality. I especially like the soft fruit peeling option. This is a bonus. Now, I don't need to worry about peeling kiwi fruit. Hard fruit peeling blade also very good. It is a very good price if you compare with other peelers available." –Mohammad

    Price: $4.97

    21. A pair of grippy tongs that easily grip any food you're cooking, whether you're trying to flip it to cook the other side or serve the food at the dinner party.

    blue stainless steel tongs

    Promising review: "Happy I took a chance with choosing these as they meet my needs completely and without annoyance. I love to use my air fryer, and they recommend using silicone tipped tongs, but those things and are slippery and make it impossible to get a good grip, unlike these Pioneer Woman tongs. The stainless steel tips are very thin, and the metal is strong so I can grab down into the air fryer basket with precision, and firmly grip my food for flipping or removing without tearing off any breading, damaging the food or even scratching up my air fryer." –jappers

    Price: $8.97

    22. A slow cooker for those hectic days when you wish dinner would just make itself. Because after you throw some ingredients in and wait a few hours, it does magically cook dinner!


    Promising review: "I bought this so I could cook in the summer without heating my apartment up since there's no windows in my kitchen and to replace the small one I've had for over 17 years. First time I made BBQ chicken in it, the chicken was so tender it fell apart. It's bigger than I thought it would be and cooks great! Well worth the price." –Betty

    Price: $16.88

    23. A kitchen scraper that helps you transfer chopped veggies from a cutting board to your pan. It's also great for handling bread dough.

    person using scraper to pick up chopped red onion

    Promising review: "After years of struggling with trying to transfer chopped veggies, especially smelly onions from the cutting board to the stove....this simple gadget was the perfect answer at a great price....a must for any cook's kitchen!" –SavvyShopper

    Price: $13.20

    24. An electric hand mixer to speed up all that mixing you have to do when making baked goods. Say goodbye to arm cramps from using just a wooden spoon.

    Hand holding the mixer

    Promising review: "I used the new electric hand mixer this past week a couple times to make cookies and quick breads . The mixer is excellent, various speeds, according to the need." –Anne

    Price: $14.96 (originally $17.99)

    25. A set of mixing bowls with silicone lids that you can use for easy food storage or taking your culinary creation on the go.

    three mixing bowls with food in them on a dinner table

    Promising review: "SO happy with these so far. Beautiful bowls that are also very durable AND come with lids. I'm using them as mixing bowls I can also put in the microwave to melt butter (most other mixing bowls say not microwave safe). I'm also using them as serving bowls since they look nice. All in all great purchase." –Nicole

    Price: $19.97 for a set of four

    26. A pair of kitchen shears for chopping delicate ingredients like green onions or cilantro.

    black kitchenaid shears on a wooden cutting board

    Promising review: "I love that I can easily use these with my left hand, since I'm left-handed, I have a hard time finding good kitchen shears. The grip is nice and doesn't cause a lot of fibers to stick to it like some products do. Out of the package they are really sharp and I haven't had any issues with them cutting anything, and I've had to cut a lot over the past few weeks. They are still nice and sharp." –candacenicole

    Price: $7.97

    27. A can opener with a super-sharp blade and easy-to-turn knob that makes opening that can of beans as easy as possible.

    a black kitchenaid can opener on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "The best manual can opener easily glides over all size can, practically effortless. Great choice for a basic can opener." –MissOctober46

    Price: $12.80 (available in two colors)

    28. A box grater to keep everything contained and mess-free as you grate cheese or vegetables for your recipe.

    The stand-up grater

    It includes fine, medium, and coarse grating plates and a slicing blade.

    Promising review: "This is a standard-size box grater. It's sharp and has a comfortable handle. I have grated Monterey Jack (large holes and slicer), Gruyere (large holes), and Parmesan (medium holes). The grater did a good job on all the cheeses. It made quick work on 8-ounce blocks of the Jack and the Gruyere. I was especially impressed with the fast grating speed on the older, drier parm as this takes forever on my microplane graters. For reference I'm a small person without a lot of arm strength." –Carrie

    Price: $11.97

    29. A waffle maker for making diner-quality waffles from the comfort of your home. Freezer waffles? Never heard of her.

    The waffle maker

    Promising review: "Bought this to have some fun with breakfast during quarantine time! It is an awesome little machine!! Wipes clean so easily! Waffles within minutes and so light and fluffy!! My husband and daughter even used it to surprise me with Mother's Day breakfast in bed! So awesome!" –Mary

    Price: $24 (originally $35)

    30. A three-tier collapsible cooling rack perfect for anyone with limited counter space but a serious baking habit. Go ahead and make three dozen muffins; you now have room to cool them down!

    gray three tier cooling rack

    Promising review: "Exactly what I was looking for. Nothing has been sticking to it and it locks into place when in use and then folds up for storing. Great item." –WalmartCustomer

    Price: $13.57 (originally $19.99)

    31. And an ice cream scoop for those times you pull frozen-solid ice cream out of the freezer but you need to eat that ice cream RIGHT. NOW!

    The ice cream scoop

    Promising review: "Great quality, exactly as I would expect from KitchenAid - heavy duty, and I can run hot water over the scoop portion before I scoop out hard ice cream. This one will last the rest of our lives! Good value!" –Yorkies2

    Price: $8.97

    With these kitchen gadgets and tools, you're going to become so good at cooking, you could do it with your eyes closed.


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