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    31 Practical Things From Walmart For The Homeowner Who Likes To Feel Prepared

    Holy grail cleaning products, high-quality flashlights, and more items to help you tackle any disaster, big or small.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 28-piece kitchen utensil and gadget set so you're prepared to cook any recipe you come across. It also includes a corkscrew in case you decide to, you know, abandon the cooking and open a bottle of wine instead.

    28 pieces of kitchen utensils and gadgets on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "This is a fantastic deal on a set like this! It's affordable but still good quality kitchen items. I wasn't sure what to expect ordering this since it had so many utensils and items at that price, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a must-have for anyone starting out in a new home or apartment. Has all the basic necessities with a few extra perks thrown in." –Kayla

    Price: $29.97

    2. A furniture moving system for the times you need to move a heavy couch or cabinet by yourself. The lifter exerts 10 times your natural strength, and the sliders easily glide on hard surfaces and carpets.


    Promising review: "I needed to move a heavy, solid oak queen-size canopy bed by myself. I was tearing up carpeting and then needed to move it around to paint. I even considered hydraulic lifts on four corners (expensive) but I stumbled upon this product. I doubted it would work but at the inexpensive price I thought I would give it a try. Much to my amazement it lifted the bed up just fine and with the included moving pads I could move the bed off of the carpeting easily. The EZ mover, is made of some sort of substantial metal. It is adjustable for different heights to lift. I wish I had this years ago. What a great product." –gilly2

    Price: $28.29

    3. An Ove Glove, which offers heat protection up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit and is perfect for baking, grilling, or handling camp fires. The five-finger mobility makes it superior to that clunky oven mitt you hate using.


    Promising review: "Love, love, love these. My third set and still have others for years. Works better than a mitt. You can use all five fingers for better control. I wash and bleach mine. Has never torn, only little stretched at the wrist. Doesn't cause a problem with me. Gave my son a set and others. Will buy again." –Nancy

    Price: $19.89 for two (originally $29.44)

    4. A pack of Tide-To-Go instant stain-removing pens so you can clean up a pesky clothes stain immediately and not have to wait until laundry day.

    package of three tide to go pens

    Promising review: "I definitely recommend these. Not only is it inexpensive, but the pens themselves work really well. I love this idea because it's so easy to clean your clothes if you spill something on them. It fits in your purse and doesn't take up too much space. I would especially recommend these for when you're going out to eat with the family, or with friends. I will definitely be purchasing these again. I don't think there's a better deal out there." –Sofia

    Price: $6.97 for a pack of three

    5. An extra-tall air mattress to keep at the ready whenever you have an unexpected guest stay the night. It also comes with a hands-free pump so you'll be able to inflate it in less than five minutes.

    gray beautyrest air mattress inflated in the middle of a living room

    Promising review: "This bed is AMAZING! I haven't slept this comfortable in a long time! The size was perfect for two people with plenty of room left over and the material looks and feels fantastic! Excellent price for an excellent product. TWO THUMBS-UP!!" –Mari

    Price: $58.99+ (originally $70.98+, available in twin, full, and queen sizes)

    6. A pack of foaming garbage disposal cleaner tablets for the times your garbage disposal starts getting a little stinky and it needs to be freshened up.

    person using cleaning tablet in her garbage disposal

    Promising review: "Our garbage disposal had an awful, rotten egg smell coming from it, so I bought these to hopefully get rid of the smell and it did...IMMEDIATELY. The tablet is well wrapped and was easy to use. The smell was gone instantly and I will definitely use it again, as needed." –PinkTulips

    Price: $2.38 for three tablets (originally $3.88)

    7. A pressure washer to keep your front porch, deck, or patio looking as clean as it did the day you moved in.

    person using a pressure washer to clean the back deck

    Promising review: "It is exactly what I needed and I could not be more pleased. I was able to blast away mold that was growing on the cement tiles on top of my house. It works fantastic and with the long cord and variety of nozzles it made the work much easier. I felt I had excellent control while working off the ground with a high pressure hose. Very satisfied." –Sun Joe User Steve

    Price: $159.99 (available in three colors)

    8. A bottle of pet stain remover so you can instantly clean up any messes your dog or cat accidentally leaves on the carpet. It's a must-have if you have a puppy that's in the process of being house-trained.

    person using a woolite bottle of pet stain remover

    Promising review: "I have three cats and they happen to make a lot of messes when they cough up food on the carpet. I've tried a bazillion cleaners and stain removers. INSTA clean OXY is the best one. It works immediately at lifting that discolored stain out, a little rub and scrub, dab it up and it's good as new. Doesn't smell too harsh, and usually isn't too expensive. Great product, I won't waste my time using anything else." –AnonymousPro

    Price: $3.96 (originally $4.91)

    9. A Windex outdoor glass cleaning starter kit with an extendable-handle tool and reusable pads so you can remove all of the smudges and grime on your windows with ease.

    person using windex kit to watch windows outside

    Promising review: "We have a whole wall of windows that look out to the Sierras. It's a big job with a tall ladder to clean them. The Windex outdoors made the job much easier and faster. No streaks! My husband wants me to go buy five or six packages just to have on hand." –RM

    Price: $14.85

    10. A Crock-Pot slow cooker for the days you forgot to plan for dinner. Just throw some ingredients in and let it cook all day long and β€” BOOM β€” dinner! It's like magic.

    The Crock-Pot making a beef dish

    Promising review: "I bought this so I could cook in the summer without heating my apartment up since there's no windows in my kitchen and to replace the small one I've had for over 17 years. First time I made BBQ chicken in it, the chicken was so tender it fell apart. It's bigger than I thought it would be and cooks great! Well worth the price." –Betty

    Price: $16.88

    11. Or a trio slow cooker that's perfect for big family dinners. You can serve multiple appetizers at once while keeping them warm.

    trio slow cooker on a kitchen counter with appetizers in it

    Promising review: "We use this to keep foods warm for buffet style dinners. I find it best to turn all three pots on high, then fill them about half or more with very hot water. Then, as we heat our dishes up on the stove or microwave I'll pour out the water of one of the warmer pots and put in the already hot food. This technique works to keep the food hot until we are done. After a little while I usually turn the switches from high to medium. For me trying to heat up the food from refrigerator directly to warmer takes too long." –Paul

    Price: $39.99

    12. An LED flashlight with bulbs that are 22 times brighter than a regular flashlight. Make sure to store this in an easy-to-reach place so you can grab it during emergencies or blackouts.

    black powerful flashlight on a black leather chair

    Promising review: "This is an amazing little flashlight. As small as it is, I'm amazed at how bright the light can be. I recently had a power outage and when I put the flashlight on the high mode, it illuminated the room. It has five modes, which are low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS. I use the flashlight on the strobe mode when I walk my dog in the evening. It has a wrist strap for easy carrying. It's small enough to fit in my purse, so I've been carrying it everywhere with me. I think it would be good to keep in your car in case of an emergency." –greeneyedlady212

    Price: $17.95

    13. Or an LED camping lantern to keep in your house in case of a power outage. It'll easily light up an entire room, and you can also use it as an outdoor light source when you have a late-night backyard hang.

    LED camping lantern sitting on a table outside

    Promising review: "This is the best and inexpensive product I've purchased for blackouts. My batteries have lasted in it a year already. The light is still just as bright as when I purchased the lantern last year. I have two and will be purchasing another." –vicky3278

    Price: $14.97

    14. A massive reusable bag that you can use for gardening, around the house, or for yard work. It's rip-resistant and stands up on its own, so you'll be using this for years.

    green reusable bag standing up on its own

    Promising review: "I have used this already and the quality and construction is excellent. The bags stand upright and the wide opening is easy to maneuver with a rake full of leaves, etc. There are some nice design elements like the handle at the bottom that allows you to shake out all the debris. Well done, Martha." –Gardener

    Price: $16.30 (originally $19.99)

    15. A True Touch deshedding glove to keep your furry friend's shedding under control. Your pet will love how the grooves on this glove feels, and you'll be able to easily peel the hair off the glove to throw away.

    True Touch

    Promising review: "My pets love this!! He sees me get it out and put it on and he comes running to me. I love the amount of hair it gets out and no shedding mess. Love it; I won't ever be without it again!!" –Satisfied

    Price: $9.79 (originally $19.02)

    16. A motion-activated spotlight that is weather- and heat-resistant, so you can leave it outside all year long. It's also solar-powered, so it will still provide light outside when the power goes out.

    shot of solar-powered spotlight not on and a solar-powered spotlight turned on

    Promising review: "I have been looking for a floodlight for the front and rear of my house for convenience and security. So I got two and found the installation very easy and quick. The lights were fully powered the same day at sundown. The lights remain on after motion detected for about 30 seconds. A recent power outage allowed me to test the extent of lighting when I used our ping-pong table on our driveway for a fun evening while the house was in darkness. My 12-year-old son and I played for over an hour with nonstop brilliant light. I have since installed two more for the front for late day basketball in the driveway and it's like Madison Square Garden!" –Joseph

    Price: $19.88

    17. An 8-foot extension cord for the next time you get a cool new lamp or appliance, but don't have any nearby outlets to plug it in to.

    The outlet

    Promising review: "This cord sits nice and flat against the wall so it works well behind furniture. The cord is super long and gives you three outlets to use. Pick up and extra one because you're going to need it." –Bobbo

    Price: $5.58 (originally $7)

    18. An LED pathway light so you don't trip over your own feet when you take your dog outside before the sun even comes up.

    five pathway lights along a stone walkway

    Promising review: "I installed 10 of these lights at my Florida home two years ago and love everything about them. I am in the process of lighting my Ohio home with these units as well. They are made of high quality materials (aluminum cast and glass diffusers) and they bathe the walkway with bright, but not glaring light, very aesthetically pleasing. The connections are the best I've seen, as they are pre-wired and seal completely from the elements. I plan to light the pathways to our church's memorial garden with these same lights in the near future." –Rick

    Price: $11.17 for one light (originally $14.84)

    19. A revolving spice rack that comes with 16 filled jars of spices so you'll be ready to flavor any of your recipes. This kit also includes refills on the spices for up to five years, so this is a seriously smart investment!

    revolving spice rack with 16 spice jars on a cutting board

    Promising review: "I really love this spice rack! I have probably been through at least eight other ones over the last 10 years and I have to say this one is absolutely perfect! It is a perfect size so it fits nicely on your counter and will fit perfectly in the corner as well. It has a very nice variety of spices as well. Mine included crushed mint, pizza seasoning, sea salt, parsley, oregano, basil, bay leaves, coriander, marjoram, Italian seasoning, seasoned salt, rosemary and herbs de provence and a couple of other spices. I have used two of the herbs so far and they are nice and fresh and they taste great. I love that it also spins around for easy access as well. It is a nice-looking shiny silver and a perfect addition to my new kitchen!" –Brazilchick32

    Price: $19.97

    20. A pack of stainless-steel wipes to clean all those grubby fingerprints and stubborn streaks left behind on fridges.

    a fridge before using stainless steel cleaner and a fridge after using stainless steel cleaner

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I just wiped my dishwasher down cold with all the dirt and watermarks and it came out looking like new." –Linda

    Price: $3.74 for 30 wipes

    21. A reaching tool for grabbing those items on the highest kitchen shelf *or* for picking up anything you've dropped. It's great for anyone with limited mobility who can't bend over easily.

    package of gopher II pick up and reaching tool

    Promising review: "Lightweight and you can pick up a dime on the floor. The Gopher II handle swivels 90 degrees for horizontal or vertical reach. Easy grip pressure. Foldable so it can travel with you. I have tried others, but these are the best! It has saved my bad hip. I even pick up my yard with it." –Berma

    Price: $9.88

    22. A cookbook holder to keep your cookbook on the recipe you're currently making. This really helps when you're making a big holiday meal and need to have your recipe visible at all times.

    a cookbook holder with a floral print on it sitting on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "Well I have to say this cookbook holder is absolutely one of my favorite Pioneer Woman pieces! The colors are so bright and cheerful. I am using mine in my sewing room by my sewing machine to hold my quilt book patterns open. It is the perfect size. I highly recommend this as a gift idea for the cook or crafter on anyone's list." –Marsha

    Price: $20.27

    23. A mini umbrella you should buy a few of, because they're so budget-friendly and you can keep them by your front door so you're never stuck in a random rainstorm.

    black and white plaid umbrella

    Promising review: "One click and it's out and ready for rain or as a sun shade. Pull back in and click when done with it. So simple! It even fits in my purse and doesn't weigh me down. In love with this umbrella!" –Emily

    Price: $5 (available in three colors)

    24. A pack of meal prep containers so you can spend your Sunday preparing your meals for the week ahead.

    black meal prep containers holding spaghetti, salmon, beef, sandwiches etc

    Promising review: "The shape of the container makes the most of storage space in the fridge. Slightly domed lid allows for 1 liter plus a bit more to avoid having to use a second container yet allows containers to be stacked in the fridge. Holds up well in microwave, unlike Tupperware. Cleans like a charm. Containers and lids nest to conserve storage space. Some of the best money you can spend is to buy these containers. They will last and last for cooking, storing, and serving." –xreid

    Price: $9.96 for a pack of 15 (originally $15.99)

    25. Or these freezer jars that are great for storing extra homemade jam, salsa, or ketchup. By freezing them in these containers, you'll never have to worry about making too much.


    Promising review: "These are durable and are great for stacking in your freezer. I make tomato juice, pasta sauce and salsa every fall and I have found these to be perfect size for my husband and me." –Vonda

    Price: $5.97 for two

    26. A step stool so you can reach the tallest shelf, get something from the top of your closet, or change a lightbulb with ease. It folds up easily so it won't take up space in your house.

    white step stool with three black steps

    Promising review: "This step is super sturdy. I considered other, cheaper alternatives, but am really glad i got this one. It holds my weight without creaking, and I feel super steady on it. I'm using in a new apartment for hanging things, putting things away in my TINY kitchen in the upper cupboards. it's great! ALSO, it folds super thin, and fits between my counter and refrigerator, so does not take up any space at all." –Saudia

    Price: $39.99

    27. A fire extinguishing spray to keep in your kitchen or by the outdoor grill in case of emergency. You should always have a fire extinguisher in your house, but having this easy-to-grab spray as well can be a lifesaver when you need to act fast.

    red aerosol can of first alert ez fire spray

    Promising review: "I set the grill on fire. Didn't know that was even possible. Used this to put it out and it worked like a charm. Flames were shooting out the front, back, and both sides. It took the whole can. Recommend having two on hand at all times." –Nikki

    Price: $12.77

    28. A portable battery pack that can hold up to three full phone charges in case a storm knocks the power out and your phone is running on 3%.

    phone plugged into a gray portable battery pack on a desk

    Promising review: "This power bank is great. I really enjoy the fact that you can charge multiple devices at one time. I also like that the power bank shows the percentage amount of the bank itself so you are never unaware of how much you have left. The bank is also very compact and light, which I really like so that I can keep it in my purse or backpack." –Mopo11115

    Price: $19.88+ (available in two colors)

    29. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get all those annoying scuffs, marks, and stains off your walls. Oh, and if your child decides the wall is their canvas, at least you'll be prepared to clean it up.

    person using mr. clean magic eraser to remove crayon marks from a wall

    Promising review: "These sponges are amazing. They cleaned three 1980s tubs I thought would never clean up in the non-slip grooves. Now I use them for practically everything in the house to get rid of visible dirt and mildew." –Hydraelle

    Price: $6.97

    30. A standing desk converter that's perfect if you're working from home for the foreseeable future and need to change up your workspace when your back starts to hurt.

    person typing on a keyboard as they are standing at a standing desk

    Promising review: "If you want a great desk, you need to get this one. It is easy to put together. It is nice to sit at your computer and type or browse on the computer. If you get tired of sitting, all you have to do is pull up on the desktop and it will rise and so now you can still be at your computer and also stretch your legs. This would be great for anyone to use. This unit will last a long, long time." –lovetousewalmartcom

    Price: $169.99

    31. And a knife sharpener to keep on hand when your knife gets too dull to easily cut through vegetables. No need to take your knife to a speciality store for an expensive sharpening when you have this handy tool!

    person using accusharp knife sharpener to sharpen a serrated knife

    Promising review: "I will admit, I didn't really expect a simple device like this could put such a fine edge on our knives. The AccuSharp really does work great and it is also fast. Great value in this product!!!" –shopbdub

    Price: $9.97

    Now you'll be ready for any cleaning emergency, power outage, or last-minute dinner that life throws at you.


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