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    25 Clever Products From PetSmart That Will Help Solve Small But Everyday Problems

    Say goodbye to stinky litter boxes, endless shedding, roughed-up paws, and more annoying problems thanks to these genius products.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of waterproof rubber booties to protect your dog's paws from rough terrain, hot pavement, or salt on the ground during winter.


    Promising review: "I have been struggling to find a type of shoe that will fit my dog Chester. He's a dachshund/lab mix and has neurological issues, so he drags one of his back legs when he walks. It's gotten worse as he's an old man now, and he recently split his pad. I've tried the fancy boots will the hard soles and straps, but none seemed to work. I was hesitant of these at first, but purchased them anyway and I'm glad I did! They fit like a dream and do not slip off at all. I took him on about a 20 minute walk through the neighborhood today and he had no problem with them. He walked just fine and didn't even seem to know it was there. It kept up so well, even with him dragging his foot. It feels just as durable as when I put it on! Would buy again." –Shealynn

    Price: $12+ (originally $17.99+; available in seven sizes)

    2. A self-cleaning litter box so you don't have to bend down and scoop up everything your cat leaves behind. It'll also keep the room you have the litter box in smelling so much nicer.

    cat in a self-cleaning litter box

    Promising review: "This product is absolutely amazing! I seriously was so blown away that I thought it must be using some kind of magic. No odor at all. I have two for two cats and they go at least three weeks before I have to change them and even then it's just because of the look of the litter not the smell. Hardly any tracking or cleanup at all. Super easy clean up. I got my dad to buy one for his cats and he loves it too. I really can't say enough good about this product. It's astounding how well it works and how much easier it made things." —Cracknell97

    Price: $139.95 (originally $154.99)

    3. A slow-feeder dog bowl that slows down your dog's feeding time so they don't scarf down their food in one minute flat and end up with an upset tummy. Your dog can either use this on its own or you can place it inside the dog bowl they already use.

    brown slow feeder dog bowl

    Price: $14.99

    4. Or a slow-feeder licking mat — smear some peanut butter on this to cleverly distract and calm your dog as you groom them, trim their nails, or bathe them. It's also a great way to slow down cats when they eat their wet food.

    package of green slow feeder licking mat

    Promising review: "This has been great for slowing down my cats' feeding with wet food. It also occupies them when I give them the squeezable treats, so they don't eat it in one gulp. I agree with another reviewer that the suction doesn't work, but it doesn't seem to affect the feeder because it still stays in place due to the rubbery nature of the product." —Meow Meow Mom

    Price: $7.99

    5. A car seat cover to protect your back seat from scratches, pet hair, and any dirt your dog brings in.

    husky in the backseat that is covered with a protector

    Promising review: "Loved it! We took our goldendoodle Stella on her first road trip. This worked perfectly for her and kept her very comfortable!" —Krista85

    Price: $39.99

    6. A set of airtight food storage containers that keep pet food fresher for longer. We all know that some brands of pet food can be a little stinky, so this container keeps that smell in.

    two food storage containers with dog food in it that's sitting in a room

    Promising review: "We have two dogs, one over 80 lbs and one under 15 lbs. We had been looking for a food storage solution that helps us with both dogs. The bottom portion holds a 24-lb bag of food for our big dog, and the top portion holds a little more than a 6-lb bag for our little one. Especially being on wheels, this is going to work great for us." —Jake0875

    Price: $24.99 (originally $41.99, available in five colors)

    7. An adorable water fountain with a flower on top so your cat can sip on freshly filtered water in the cutest way possible. Keeping your cat hydrated is essential to their health, and the fountain feature will entice them to drink throughout the day.

    kitten drinking out of a water fountain with a flower at the top

    Promising review: "My 20-year-old cat Anthony was not drinking water as well and getting constipated. I brought this hoping he would like the free flowing clean water, as he loves to take sips from the bath tub drip. As soon as I plugged it in, he saw the flowing water and he drank like never before. Also, he doesn’t have to bend downward as he is having hip issues. Overall a nice design, quiet and easy to assemble and clean. No dirty water with cat hairs and this has a three-system filter to keep clean." –PetAnthony

    Price: $27.99 (originally $29.99)

    8. A stain and odor eliminator specifically designed to clean up the most severe of messes. This is a must-have if you have a puppy in the house who's in their accident-prone stage.

    red bottle of nature's miracle stain & odor eliminator

    Promising review: "My 2-year-old dog got diarrhea and accidentally went on the cushion on our suede couch and also our carpet. I tried cleaning it with soap and water but the smell was still there. My friend recommended this product and it works wonders! I didn’t have to replace anything because this worked so well. I recommend cleaning the area with soap and water first to get rid of the initial mess and then spraying this. The directions say to leave it on the spot and not wash it away. That is important so that the enzymes in the cleaner continue to do their job. Would 100% recommend!" –Kat72

    Price: $12.75+ (originally $16.99+, available in two sizes)

    9. A window sill cat bed so your cat can stop chilling on the top of your couch that's next to the window and instead cuddle on this comfortable perch to soak up the sunshine.

    cat sitting on a window sill cat bed

    Promising review: "My cats are picky with laying on things. Have bought many 'toys' for them to enjoy, and with this product, they practically wait their turn to lay on this in the window. I've been convinced to order another one now. My husband attached it to the window sill with screws, so not sure how the Velcro would hold up. But my cats love this product. Looks so comfy, some days I wish I was a cat." —Fujikitty

    Price: $26.99 (originally $39.99)

    10. A paw pad shield to naturally condition and protect the sensitive skin on the bottom of your furry friend's paws. Gone are the days of your dog suffering from dry and cracked pads.

    paw pad shield tub

    Promising review: "When my dog walked, I noticed that she was limping and I didn't understand why until I went to PetSmart and they recommended this. I immediately applied this to her paws and I noticed that they are becoming very soft. Her paws were hurting her and I didn't know. I am noticing a big change in her paws; I immediately brought two packs of it. This works wonders. I apply it to her paws twice a day and she's able to rest perfectly and be much more relaxed." —Monquie

    Price: $8.99 (originally $9.99)

    11. An adjustable dog harness if your dog tends to pull and tug on their leash whenever you take them for a walk. This will keep them from choking themselves, and it'll make controlling your dog on walks so much easier.


    Promising review: "We previously bought the medium size version; it worked very well and help up nicely, so it was a no-brainer to graduate to the large size as our Lab puppy grew out of it. It's nicely padded, durable, easily adjustable with a fairly wide range of fits, and easy to put on. I haven't had any use for the reflectivity as we almost never walk after dark, but it's a nice feature if you do." —ad9000

    Price: $29.99 (originally $32.99, available in four sizes and four colors)

    12. An elevated dog feeder with two bowls so your dog doesn't have to bend down so far to get some food and water. It'll help relieve stress on your pup's shoulders and neck.

    a tan elevated dog feeder with two bowls in it

    Promising review: "Great for dogs with arthritis! I have a 14-year-old Sheltie and she has arthritis in her legs. When she lowered her head to eat and drink from her regular bowls on the floor, her legs would slide out to the sides and she would fall down. I bought this elevated double diner in the eight-inch height so that she can stand up to eat and drink. This is exactly what she needs. She doesn't fall down while eating and drinking and there is less strain on her joints. She is more comfortable and happy and she took to it right away. I am very pleased with this product!" —Sheltie Lover

    Price: $29.99+ (available in three heights)

    13. A pack of poop bags with two handles on the top that make it so much easier to tie the bag shut. They're extra large and super thick so you can rest assured your hand will stay clean.


    Promising review: "I initially purchased these because I had a Rott/Lab mix who would leave huge piles for me to pick up. These are thick and strong!! Never had a 'yuck' feeling when using them. (Side note: I also have used them in my car as mini trash bags.) My son came to visit and took half of my stock home to use for his two dogs. Great bags. Can't get them anywhere else!" –Mom of Malcolm

    Price: $11.99

    14. A cat scratcher toy to keep your cat occupied so they can finally stop clawing at your poor couch and coffee table. The ball track around the edges will also satisfy your cat's natural hunting instincts.

    cat playing with a scratcher toy with a ball track around it

    Promising review: "My cats love this toy. Bigger in person. Just the right size. My cat Neko sits in the middle while my kitten Sushi pushes the ball around him. Love that you can remove the scratcher in the middle and get replacements as well." —Kiki615

    Price: $19.99

    15. An elevated dog bed that promotes better airflow and keeps your dog comfortable as they snooze the day away.

    raised pet bed with a black and white dog on top of it

    Promising review: "My dogs love them! I bought the larger size so they could each stretch out but they share one. They were very easy to put together and are very well made." —Kdehshaden

    Price: $35.99+ (originally $39.99+; available in two sizes)

    16. A ball launcher to take your game of fetch to the next level. And thanks to the handle, you'll never have to pick up a slobbery ball again!

    green chuck it ball launcher with an orange ball in the top

    Promising review: "My dog trainer recommended this toy for playing fetch with my dog. I was unable to throw the ball very far, but with this I can launch it across a field. I purchased the whistling ball to go with it, and my dog couldn't be happier. I launch it off my back deck, he runs down the two flights of stairs, grabs the whistling ball, and brings it back up, gnawing on it the whole way. I don't have to touch the ball, and I love that. No slobber hands for me! Rinse and repeat a few times, and I have one sleepy puppy." —OnlyCatie

    Price: $8.95+ (originally $10.99+, available in three sizes)

    17. An automatic dog and cat feeder that you can preprogram to dispense food throughout the day in case you always work long, unpredictable hours.


    Promising review: "We purchased this feeder to help regulate feeding times for our diabetic cat. It works terrifically! The feeder opens on schedule without fail. No more being harassed by a cat who is sure we're trying to starve him. He now waits in his bed or lies next to the feeder until he hears the whirr. If he is in his bed, he runs to his feeder." —MLRancourt

    Price: $44.99 (originally $64.99)

    18. A classic Kong toy with a hollow center you can stuff with peanut butter or their favorite treat. If you have a rambunctious pup that can't sit still, give this to them and watch in amazement at how it keeps them busy for hours.


    Promising review: "My Jack Russell loves getting into EVERYTHING. You can just smear some peanut butter inside a Kong, and ta-da! Entertained dog! He loves gnawing on it even after all the peanut butter is gone! They're also dishwasher safe, which is fantastic because it gets pretty slobbery after a little while." —KaySun

    Price: $9.29+ (available in five sizes)

    19. A dog water bottle so you can easily transport drinkable water anywhere to keep your dog hydrated even on the hottest of days.

    dog water bottle with a blue reservoir for the dog to sip out of

    Promising review: "This water bottle/bowl allows us to go for one hour walks early in the morning. The Phoenix area weather is normally quite warm this time of the year. We can easily get three or four water breaks for our Schnoodle by using this bottle/bowl. That keeps him hydrated and happy." –doggiedaddy7

    Price: $19.99

    20. An orthopedic dog bed made with gel and memory foam to support your dog's aching joints. It's overstuffed to prevent the bed from deflating over time, and you can remove the cover to wash it.

    overstuffed pet bed with orthopedic joint support

    Promising review: "We purchased this bed for our 105-lb, 8-year-old Rottie. From the moment she laid on it the first time, she has been loving it! The bed has thick layers of memory foam and a removable, washable cover. It is super comfy; thick sides, soft on the top, and well built. Our Rottie is super happy with her new bed!" —Minnie and Milo

    Price: $69.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors)

    21. A deshedding tool to remove your dog's loose hair before it leaves their body and gets all over your house. You'll be seriously impressed with the clumps of hair you'll remove after just one use.

    blue deshedding brush with a gray handle

    Promising review: "I bought this product earlier today! I have a 10-month- old German Shepherd puppy who sheds EVERYWHERE! This product took all her loose hair out and her coat is as soft and shiny as when she was only 10 weeks old! Best product ever!!! It deserves more recognition than it has! I will now be a lifelong fan of this product!!" —Rachmarie

    Price: $31.95+ (originally $44.99+, available in two sizes)

    22. A car seat designed to keep your puppy comfy during car rides and keep smaller pups elevated. Plus, it can help prevent dogs from getting carsick.

    pug sitting in a car seat booster in the back seat of a car

    Promising review: "Originally purchased one about five years ago for our two pugs. They both fit in a large one. Our pugs love this seat. They sit up high enough that they can see out the window. Plenty of room so they can even lay down. Easily attaches in the car with the seat belt. The cover comes off easily and can be laundered. We liked this so much we bought a second one so each dog would have their own, as we are getting ready for a road trip to Florida and we are taking the dogs. I tried other seats before purchasing this one and returned them because they just weren't what I was looking for. I highly recommend this seat." —PetSmart Customer

    Price: $69.99+ (originally $117.99+; available in two sizes and two colors)

    23. An aquarium fish tank scrubber that cleans off all that built-up algae in between tank cleanings. The scrubber pad is textured so it'll get even the caked-on bits, but it's gentle enough to not scratch your glass aquarium.

    top fin aquarium scrubber in blue

    Promising review: I used to use just a paper towel to clean my tank, and always noticed my water looked hazy. Bought this brush and oh what a difference. Seems the haze was not my water but the inside of my tank. Now it's crystal clear when I look into my tank." —kbk8591

    Price: $7.29+ (available in two sizes)

    24. A pack of dog training pads if you have a puppy who still has a tendency to go to the bathroom inside. The extra-large size is great for putting at the bottom of a crate if your dog is prone to having accidents in there overnight.

    golden retriever sitting on an extra large training pad

    Promising review: "We have an 8-month-old English Mastiff puppy who is currently 115 lbs. These pads are the best! He is an indoor dog as well as our other Mastiffs. We never have an accident in the house, because he knows to go on these pads. We are slowly training him to go outside and are relying on these pads while at work. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these pads to all dog owners. You've got a big thumbs-up!!" —Boikoff

    Price: $7.79+ (available in packs of 10, 50, or 150)

    25. A donut pet bed specifically designed to calm anxious dogs thanks to the high bolsters they can curl up next to. Lying on the faux fur will leave them feeling cozy and relaxed.

    dog in a gray faux fur donut bed

    Promising review: "This is probably the best $25 I've ever spent for my dog. He is in love with snuggling in this circular and cozy bed. He curls up like a donut inside it and I think he appreciates the feeling of being hugged with the support all around. Now that I have one, I'll likely purchase another or perhaps two to have in every room where he naps. I have a dachshund. He's about 14 pounds. Again, he loves it!" —Bonnie67

    Price: $24.99

    Sometimes, our pets present problems we need to solve, but thanks to these smart products, you and your pet can put those problems behind you and go back to having fun and cuddling.


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