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    18 Things From Amazon That’ll Help You Seriously Upgrade Your Aquarium

    These ~fintastic~ decorations, plants, and accessories are going to transform your fish's tank into an underwater paradise.

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    1. A SpongeBob SquarePants house so your fishy friend can live in a pineapple under the sea, too. Bikini Bottom has arrived in your aquarium.

    pineapple house in a tank with pink gravel

    2. A leaf hammock that allows your betta fish to rest right at the surface of the water, just like they do in nature!

    3. A cleaning magnet to get rid of algae that fogs up the fish tank. Now you'll be able to properly admire your fish as they swim around.

    4. A bubbler that will become the show-stopping centerpiece of your aquarium. Watch in amazement as the bubble tower hypnotizes your fish into swimming around and around it.

    a stone with bubbles and a light coming out of it

    5. A pack of plastic plants to add a vibrant pop of color to any tank. You'll have fun transforming your aquarium into a rainbow-colored wonderland for your fish!

    aquarium full of brightly colored plastic plants

    6. A gravel cleaner that sucks up all the nasty stuff in the tank and leaves behind freshly washed, shiny gravel. You can use this on small and large tanks alike thanks to tubes you can either add or remove on the end.

    Person cleaning their tank's gravel with the hose tool

    7. A hollow tree trunk habitat if you're going for more of a natural, rustic vibe in your fish's aquarium. The wide holes in the tree trunk provide ample room for your small fish to swim through.

    8. A water conditioner to use when you're setting up your aquarium or changing the water because it makes tap water fresh by detoxifying heavy metals and removing chlorine and chloramines. It also repairs your fish's protective coat that could get damaged from handling or fish fighting.

    Person holding the bottle in front of a clean fish tank

    9. An automatic fish fisher so you don't have to constantly ask your significant other, "Babe, did we feed the fish today?!" It'll be a lifesaver (literally) for your fish.

    zacro green fish feeder in an aquarium

    10. A yellow anemone (try saying that three times fast) that gives off a brilliant glow when placed underneath an LED light.

    11. A super quiet filter – it continuously moves water through the tank to prevent debris buildup. A strip on the top will change from white to red whenever you need to change the filter.

    12. A hobbit house that has a tunnel to swim through so your fish can feel like they're frolicking around the Shire.

    hobbit house in an aquarium with fish swimming through it.

    13. A set of glowing jellyfish decorations – they float freely and playfully around your tank. If you just have one fish in a big tank, this will make your aquarium look more lively and exciting.

    jellyfish floating around a lit up aquarium

    14. A bag of river sand that'll make your fish feel right at home because it looks just like their natural environment. It's ph neutral, making it safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

    white sand on the bottom of a fish tank with little mermaid decorations

    15. An LED aquarium light to make all of your neon-colored decorations glow. There are 16 light options, so you can give your aquarium a different look every day.

    16. An artificial green plant that looks so realistic, it'll trick your fish into thinking they're actually swimming around in the lake or the ocean. Buy a few of these and you can create an underwater jungle for them to play hide-and-seek in.

    green artificial plant in a brightly lit aquarium

    17. An air pump to quietly make your aquarium a healthy environment by increasing the oxygen levels in the water. You'll need one of these if you have any bubbling accessories in your tank.

    uncilife pump in a tank

    18. A castle decoration because your fish is the ruler of the house, and we're just their loyal servants. They'll feel swimmingly royal in the aquarium as they float around this.

    large castle decoration in a tank

    After you redecorate your aquarium with these fancy new additions, your fish will be so excited. We aren't clown(fish)ing around!

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