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    We Showed People What The Water In Flint Looks Like And They Were Shocked

    "Coming out of the faucet, out of the shower — it looks like that?!?"

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    Flint, Michigan's drinking water has been contaminated with lead since 2014, which can cause (and has caused) lead poisoning. We hit the streets of Hollywood to see what people knew about Flint's water crisis.

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    We offered each participant a free bottle of water if they would answer a couple of questions. First, we asked how much they knew about the Flint water crisis.

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    Then, we showed them what the water coming out of the tap in Flint looks like.

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    Yep, this is the people of Flint's drinking water — what literally comes out of their faucets.

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    We then asked if it was true or false that Flint residents received some of the highest water bills in Michigan.

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    Yes, it is actually true. According to a study by the nonprofit advocacy group Food & Water Watch, Flint paid one of the highest water bills in Michigan, despite having tainted water.

    Lead poisoning can cause irreversible brain damage. When we offered our participants their free water bottles, we made another offer: Would they consider donating their clean bottle of water to Flint residents?

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    All of our participants said yes, and we donated to Flint via Motor City Mentors' Flint Water Drive.

    Regardless of what you know or didn't know about Flint's water crisis, know this:

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