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This Is What Happens When Exes Ask Each Other Intense Questions While Forehead To Forehead

"Just because a relationship ended doesn't mean that the relationship has ended."

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We got two ex couples to come together and ask each other intimate questions. The only catch? They had to do it while connected at the forehead.

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Carl and Sarah were together for three years before things "fell apart."

Auri and Stevo dated for two and a half years, but decided to end it "because of belief."

Even though things might not have ended well for either couple, they were ready to meet again to discuss their relationship.

But when they found out they were going to have the discussion while touching foreheads...they weren't so sure this was a good idea.

Welp. Here we go!

"What I want to take from this is to share my truth and be honest with myself."

It started out pretty silly: "Which do you prefer: tampons or pads?"

But then it got real.

"You put yourself first a lot, but that doesn't make you a bad boyfriend."

Then the tears came flowing.

Auri and Stevo were especially nostalgic for some of their happier times together.

<3 ship <3

And Carl and Sarah seemed to get over some of their issues.

Afterward, the couples were a bit shaken, but it seemed like the experience had been a cathartic one.

They realized some things they might need to work out before embarking on the next relationship.

"Just because a relationship ended doesn't mean that the relationship has ended. We still have a love for each other, we're just not in love with each other."


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