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    17 Acts Of Kindness From Strangers That'll Fill You With Good Vibes For The Year

    Pass on the kindness.

    1. This professor who found out their student would be spending New Years alone, and so invited them to spend the holiday with them and their family:

    snooppii / Via

    2. This lovely person who bought their flatmate a new game when they were going through a bit of a tough time:

    isthisonetaken25 / Via

    3. This person who's both honest and sweet:

    dinolohan / Via

    4. This great place that gives out free pads and tampons:


    5. This person who left $10 in Walmart with a small note:

    yotsukitty / Via

    6. This local coffee shop which genuinely cares about people:

    karanug / Via

    7. This sweet person who is about to make some kid's day:

    jlsmell / Via

    8. This sweet mum who just wants her child to be happy:

    jhenderson_90 / Via

    9. This person who is kind enough to make their Wi-Fi public for passersby:

    Timblyous / Via

    10. This local supermarket that gave away unsold veg to reduce food waste:

    Penguin__Farts / Via

    11. This wholesome stranger on the train:

    soypat / Via

    12. Both the person who returned a lost iPhone and the person who made cookies for the returner:

    cookiemonster_156 / Via

    13. This place which is encouraging people to leave coats for for those who are cold:

    dragonbornsqrl / Via

    14. This person who bought a co-worker new headphones:

    ScoffingAtTheWise / Via

    15. This person who saved someone from getting a parking ticket:

    Diazepam / Via

    16. This person who was honest and a good soul:

    The_Sinologist / Via

    17. And finally, this person who did this sweet thing for his little brother after no one showed up at his birthday party:

    JahinOnReddit / Via

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