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    18 Times People Were Actually Really Kind To Each other

    "That's a recycling bin, not a trash bin! Your hopes and dreams can be recycled into new and different ones that can sustain you!"

    1. The time this kid was being thoughtful of their babysitter:

    2. The time someone mistook their dad for the cat:

    Thought I was meowing back to my cat for the past hour but it turns out it was just me and my dad meowing at each other from different rooms in the house

    3. The time this person's mum called them out wholesomely:

    4. The time someone was so darn wholesome online:

    5. The time a dental practice gave the wrong number a free appointment:

    6. The time when Reddit refused to let people be mean to themselves:

    7. The time when Tumblr was so sweet:

    8. The time James Fridman responded to a Photoshop request with this:

    9. The time when a customer gave these cards to anyone who worked in customer service:

    10. The time when Google flattered Siri:

    11. The time Tumblr saw the glass half full:

    12. The time someone randomly messaged someone on Reddit to wish them a great day:

    13. The time this sweet angel replied to an emotional text with wisdom:

    14. The time a baby waved at a stranger for the first time:

    a baby was staring at me in target so i started waving to her & she waved back & the mom whipped around & was like OMG & i was like oh sorry i was just waving to your baby & she was like THAT WAS THE 1ST TIME SHES WAVED & me & this mom SCREAMED in the store bc we were so excited

    15. The time a stranger turned flipped something so negative into something positive:

    16. The time a Reddit user came clean about their deep secret:

    17. The time this person gave someone a bell necklace when they held the door open for them:

    18. And finally, the time someone wrote this in the girls' bathroom: