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    This Is Proof That Chris Pratt And Nick Offerman's On Screen "Parks And Rec" Friendship Is Actually Real

    "I have a cabin to finish."

    During the run of Parks and Recreation, fans have seen an unlikely friendship blossom between the lovable goofball Andy Dwyer (Pratt) and the ever so stoic Ron Swanson (Offerman).


    Fans were left craving a revival of the show in hopes of seeing more of Andy and Ron.

    Three years after the finale of the show, Chris Pratt has surprised fans that his friendship with Nick Offerman is still strong as ever but this time, it's in real life.

    Chris Pratt revealed on Instagram that after one of the trees at his farm was struck by lightning, he’d decided to cut up slabs instead of letting it become bug food.

    And then he revealed that he would be shipping the slabs to his co-star, Offerman, so that he can "Ron Swanson the hell out of it" to make him the "dopest table in history fit for a family of Vikings".

    And it's safe to say that fans are living for this heartwarming moment.

    @prattprattpratt Literally as soon as I saw the beginning of this caption I thought, “Oh snap, I hope he gets @Nick_Offerman to help him create something dope” and then I saw the other half and smiled.

    Earlier this year, Pratt had shown his interest in rebooting the series and reuniting with the Parks and Rec Cast.


    But for now, we must protect this precious duo at all costs.

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