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    19 Things Millennials Buy Instead Of Saving For A House

    Don't buy sandwiches because it might cost you a house.

    1. A cup of coffee. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Why buy a house when you can pay £3.25 for a pumpkin spiced latte? After all, spending £3.25 and £325,000 are pretty much the same thing, right?

    2. Same day delivery. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Don't get free standard delivery, it takes 3 - 5 working days. Just spend your entire life savings on same day delivery instead of saving up for a house.

    3. Subscription services. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    It costs money to be entertained. You're better off renting for the rest of your life instead of missing out on the latest series.

    4. Brunch. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Do you know what's better than a house? Brunch. An added bonus is that you can freshen up your Insta feed. #Foodie

    5. Houseplants. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Maybe it's for the best.

    6. Holidays. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Mortgage who? That's so 2007. You're better off racking up endless air miles and becoming a jet setter.

    7. Taxis. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Pay extra to have awkward small talk with the taxi driver? Yes please!

    8. Self-care. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    How dare you spend money on self-care to lead a happier life?

    9. Takeaways. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    If you spend money on takeaway then technically you don't need a kitchen (or a house).

    10. Makeup. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    You might not own a house but at least your highlight will keep you warm at night.

    11. Avocado. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    You can sleep on a pile of mushy avocados instead of owning an actual bed in an actual house. Comfort at its finest.

    12. Candles. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Use candles to ward of the stench of people who own a house. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

    13. Skincare. Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Skin care vs a mortgage? A £400 serum is the better investment because at least that way you'll be forever young.

    14. Tech. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Allegedly we're the only generation that uses technology.

    15. Independent restaurants. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    We're such terrible people putting smaller restaurants first.

    16. Minimalistic home decor. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Nothing like decorating a house that will never be yours. At least it looks pretty, right?

    17. Fitness. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    It makes sense. I mean we need all the strength to hurl avocados at people blaming us for everything.

    18. Sandwiches. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    Yes because the price of one sandwich is equivalent to one house.

    19. Rent. / Cee / BuzzFeed / Via

    What a shocker. Who knew?