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    17 Small Reminders For People In Their Early Twenties

    You got this.

    1. Remember to make time for a hobby outside your academic or work life.

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    Sure, you can start a new hobby at any age, but it'll be a good idea to start a hobby when you have fewer commitments. It'll be a great way to relieve any stress you've built up during work or school, and will give you a chance to meet people outside your academic or work circle.

    2. Remember to save where you can.

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    You never really know when you need money to pay for unexpected costs. It's easier said than done but it'll be a great idea to save some money as you get paid. Set yourself a goal to take percentage of your pay cheque (even if it's small) and save it for a rainy day.

    3. Remember, you're allowed to take time out for yourself.

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    Don't let anyone make you feel bad for saying "no" to the things you don't want to do. It's okay to think about yourself and put yourself first, especially when you're already working so hard.

    4. Remember that overthinking everything isn't going to solve any problems.

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    Hand on heart, how many times has overthinking helped you solve a problem? Especially when the situation is out of your control? Overthinking can make you feel worse about a situation, so try to distract yourself from your thoughts by doing an activity ( I like going for a walk as it clears my mind).

    5. Remember to unfollow or mute the people who make you feel bad on social media.

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    It's only natural that everyone likes showing off the best parts of their lives on social media. Because of this, it's easy to fall into a trap of comparing your life to theirs, even when you know that their lives aren't that interesting. If someone's feed makes you feel bad, just unfollow them. And if they're your friend and you don't want to cause drama by unfollowing them, then simply mute their page, that way their posts won't show up on your timeline and maybe it'll help you feel a little better about yourself.

    6. Or simply take a break from social media.

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    If you find that you're spending too much time on social media, and it's affecting you in a negative way, just delete the social media apps on your phone. Not having them on your phone means you'll probably reach for it a lot less, and this may even help you feel more productive!

    7. Remember to make the embarrassing pictures/tweets private.

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    If you're job hunting, it is very likely that potential employers will look at your social media accounts to get a better idea of who you are. If you have any pictures or tweets that you think a future employer may take issue with, it might be worth hiding, or remove entirely.

    8. Remember to exercise.

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    It can be hard to know when to fit this in, especially when you have so much going on already. But remember how in high school we kinda' didn't have a choice and it just became part of school life? That was a blessing in disguise.

    Many of us forget that exercise not only keeps your body healthy, it also keeps our minds healthy – not to mention it releases endorphins that simply make you feel good.

    9. Remember to travel as much as you can.

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    If you love travelling and seeing new places, go for it! The older you get the harder it might be to make time for travelling, even if you do have more money. You could add this to your saving pot if you're worried about affording it, or you could travel to closer places – you can find adventure anywhere!

    10. Remember not to bottle up all your emotions.

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    Sometimes it feels easier not to talk about your emotions and just bottle them up. But be careful, this can do more harm than good. If there isn't anyone you feel comfortable talking to, have a think about whether therapy might be an option for you. Opening up to someone, whether a trusted friend or a healthcare professional, can help immensely in dealing with hard and complicated emotions.

    11. Remember to take more pictures; capture the memories.

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    Who cares about those people who shame you for always taking pictures of everything? Take pictures as keep a memory file, it'll be nice to look at when you feel down. You don't need to document it online for everyone to see, you can just create a memory book for yourself.

    12. Remember that your relationship status doesn't matter.

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    It's easy to feel pressured to get in a relationship, especially if all your friends are in one. If you're in a relationship, then great! If you're single, then also great! It really doesn't matter about when you fall in love. It may happen one day, or maybe it won't. What does matter though is that you work towards loving yourself, because at the end of the day, even when relationships end with other people, the one you have with yourself doesn't.

    13. Remember to stay away from toxic people.

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    If anyone consistently makes you feel bad about yourself, or you feel your energy draining from you each time you hang out with them, consider whether you should be spending time with them at all. If they are someone you can't let go of, try talking to them about how you feel. But if they are doing more harm than good, you might want to think about what's best for you, and that could mean saying goodbye to a relationship that's just not working anymore.

    14. Remember that nothing is permanent – even the bad stuff.

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    You probably know this from your time at high school – there'll be times where you feel like everything's going wrong. But you're here now, which is proof in itself that tough times don't last forever.

    15. Remember that everyone's journey is different, so there's no need to compare your path to someone else's.

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    Some people may seem like they're ahead of you, some may seem like they're behind you – the truth is, the only person you're truly racing against, is yourself. When you keep comparing yourself to people, you forget about your own achievements. When I find myself comparing myself to other people, I make a list of things that I should be proud of and my goals. It really puts into perspective what really matters to me.

    16. Remember that a lot of people don't actually have a clue what they're doing.

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    The truth is, most of us just pretend to know what we're doing. The whole "fake it until you make it" is a thing for a reason so if you're feeling overwhelmed or lost, you should talk to someone close to you about it, because there's a chance that they feel the same way too.

    17. Remember that you'll be okay!

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    I know it may not seem like it now, but one day, things will fall into place. As cliché as this sounds, you'll thank yourself one day for not giving up because tough times aren't permanent. You're amazing and anyone is lucky to have you in their life.

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