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18 Roommates Who Absolutely Failed At Being Good Roommates This Year

Omg, they were roommates.

1. This roommate who "changes" the toilet paper:

2. Or worse, this roommate who flat out refuses to change it:

3. This roommate who got a food saver and now insists on sealing everything:

4. This roommate who doesn't believe in containers:

5. This roommate who also doesn't believe in containers:

6. This roommate who couldn't be bothered to use the aluminium foil properly:

7. This roommate who ate all the Lunchable cookies and put the packaging back in the fridge:

8. This roommate who committed a terrible crime:

9. This roommate that completely disrespected their roommate's grill:

10. These roommates who couldn't be bothered to take the trash out:

11. This roommate who bit all the peanut butter cups off of the cupcakes:

12. This roommate that leaves all the doors open:

13. This roommate who opened all new sleeves of crackers before the old ones finished:

14. This roommate who doesn't understand how resealable packaging should be opened:

15. Or this roommate that doesn't even care about packaging:

16. This roommate who puts away dirty dishes like this:

17. This roommate who tried to stick their roommate's lenses with superglue after breaking their glasses:

18. And finally, this roommate who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the sink:

H/T r/mildlyinfuriating