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    19 Ways To Be A Little Happier When Everything Sucks

    It might not fix the problem, but it will make you feel a little bit better.

    1. Go for a brisk ten minute walk.

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    When everything feels like it's getting a little too much, take a small chunk of your morning or evening to go for a quick walk. It doesn't sound like much but there's evidence that brisk walking actually makes you feel less sad! Maybe a change of scenery is exactly what your brain needs, especially if you've been stuck at your desk all day.

    2. Write down three things you're grateful for.

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    It's easy to forget the little things in life that make us happy when everything seems to be going wrong. Take time to list three things that you appreciate – it'll help you remember that life isn't all bad.

    3. Revisit some of the things that brought you joy as a child.

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    There's just something uplifting about coming across things from our childhood. Take a trip down memory lane and look through your childhood boxes for art projects, forgotten Tamagotchis or maybe even put on an old cartoon you used to watch after school.

    4. Play your feel good song.

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    Maybe it'll take you back to that moment in time when everything was worry-free and remind you that even if things aren't going great now, they will be one day.

    5. Treat yourself to something in the dessert aisle.

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    According to Susan Bowerman, RD, assistant director of UCLA's Center for Human Nutrition, sweets improve our mood when we're feeling a little bit crappy because they're rooted in happy associations. So go ahead everyone, feast on something sweet (in moderation!) because ~science~.

    6. Reconnect with an old friend that you lost contact with.

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    Sometimes we lose contact with people just because of time and unavoidable situations. Several months ago, I reached out to an old friend and it was so nice to just reminisce about our school antics and memories. I had completely forgotten these beautiful moments and it made me appreciate how far I've come since then.

    7. Wear bright colours.

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    So, dopamine dressing is a thing where dressing in fun, bright colours, can increase your mood and boost your confidence. Time to throw on your lucky yellow outfit!

    8. Watch puppy videos on YouTube.

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    Their little mlems and bleps are just too adorable and will make you crack a small smile even when you don't feel like it at first.

    9. List all the things you like about yourself.

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    We're often so hard on ourselves without realising it. Take time to write down all of the things that you like about yourself and save it for when you feel extra crappy so that you can remind yourself of all the things that are awesome about you!

    10. Remove apps that make you compare yourself to others.

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    Social media is great for seeing what your friends are up to and capturing special moments in your life. But it can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others, especially since everyone often posts the best version of themselves online. Maybe take a little break from social media and see how it makes you feel.

    11. Create a simple morning routine that you can stick to.

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    It doesn't have to be complicated at all. Maybe create a quick morning routine that you can do everyday like pampering yourself with a floral shower gel in the warm shower. Or keep it super simple like making your bed if you don't already. That way it'll make you feel like you've already accomplished something, which'll then put you in a great mood to take on the day!

    12. Unwind with some candles.

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    Candles are a great way to relax when you're stressed. Next time you feel overwhelmed, light a candle, run yourself a warm bath with your favourite bath bomb and just sit back. It may not fix your problems but the soft glow of the candle will definitely lift your mood. Plus, it smells super nice!

    13. Switch off from the world.

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    Many of us spend majority of our day on our screens. Whilst there are definitely positives to technology, it'll be nice to take a small break from it. Maybe you can use this time to take part in an activity that's non-screen related (such as reading or drawing).

    14. Tell someone how much they mean to you.

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    In this fast moving world, we often forget to tell people how much they mean to us, it's easy to take them for granted. For that instant mood booster, tell someone who you care about how much you appreciate them. Not only will it leave a smile on their face, but it'll also make you feel good so it's a win-win!

    15. Check out some positive affirmation podcasts.

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    You know what's great about podcasts? You can listen to them whilst you do other things. It's not going to solve your problems but just immersing yourself in positivity may make you feel a little bit better. There are plenty of feel-good podcasts that'll make you take a bit more of an optimistic outlook when you feel down.

    16. Declutter your room.

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    Often, when our surroundings seem packed, it can make us feel anxious and stressed. Maybe donate clothes that you no longer wear. Clearing up your workspace will help you feel a bit more productive since there's nothing there to distract you. That's a bonus!

    17. Fill your room with plants.

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    According to some experimental studies, plants have been shown to reduce blood pressure and increase productivity. And the great thing is, they're super nice to look at!

    18. Dress up for no reason.

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    You don't have to go all out on your appearance – even a small change goes a long way. For example, you could change up your hairstyle or wear a different bracelet. Whatever it is, as long as you feel good about yourself, that's all that matters.

    19. Reach out to a professional if you need help.

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    If you find that you're really struggling and suspect that you might be suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental health problems, please make sure you see a medical professional.

    If you need to talk to someone immediately, the Samaritans helpline is 116 123.

    Other international helplines can be found at

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