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Artists Were Basically The Rappers Of Their Day.

It's all booze, bitches and bling for these artists. The interesting stuff you probably weren't taught in art history class.

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Caravaggio killed a guy.

ibiblio / Via

Caravaggio (1571-1610)was a notorious brawler and was often seen with a sword in his hand (swords were illegal). After too much drink one night he got into a fight which resulted in him stabbing a man. Caravaggio fled to Malta before he could be arrested.

Judith Beheading Holofernes (1598)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti drank himself blind then had his wife exhumed

redsangre / Via

Rossetti (1828-1882) was the most notorious of the Pre-Raphelite Brotherhood. He was a drinker and a womaniser and married his favourite model, Lizzie Siddal. Siddal committed suicide in 1862 and in his grief Rossetti buried his journal of unpublished poems with her. 7 years later, addicted to drugs and alcohol, Rossetti decided he'd made a mistake and had her exhumed so he could get the poems back.

Also he was DAMN FINE (ok, that's Aiden Turner in BBC's Desperate Romantics)

William Holman Hunt tried to turn a prostitute into a lady, My Fair Lady style.

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Hunt (1827-1910), another Pre-Raphelite, painted prostitute Annie Miller a number of times. He wanted to marry her but couldn't because she wasn't 'respectable'. He never got round to marrying her (breaking off their engagement in 1859).

The Awakening Conscience (1853)

Jeff Koons was married to a porn star

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Jeff Koons (1955-) was married to porn star Cicciolina and, in 1989, created the Made In Heaven series. The work consisted of a series of sculptures, photographs and paintings of the couple in a variety of pornographic situations.

Picasso had at least 8 mistresses

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Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was a notorious womaniser. So much so that nobody is sure how many mistresses he had with experts estimating that the number was around 8 (including his 17 year old neighbour when he was 45) .

Toulouse-Lautrec made the craziest punch ever.


Henri Toulouse-Lautrec partied at the Moulin Rouge and was a fan of the green fairy. He liked absinthe so much he made a cocktail out of it. Four parts absinthe to two parts red wine and a splash of cognac.

(Warning: cocktail may cause madness, hallucinations and horrific hangovers)

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