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Google This!

Not everyone loves Mark's Google Chrome plated attempt to get back together with Jen, especially Jen. Here is her response email.

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“Dear Mark,

Awwwe hell no! Save your digital Amelie bullshit for some new girl that doesn’t know better than to read it as red flag to your inability to be real or connect on any real and human level.

This isn’t “out of the blue.” I know you and Caroline broke up. I know you can’t stand being by yourself for a second. The only thing I don’t know is if I’m the only person you made a ‘project’ like this for since your Facebook status change last week.

That little clip of the sock waking me up doesn’t remind me of ‘fun times.’ It reminds me that you couldn’t do anything fun without documenting it, you couldn’t enjoy a fucking moment, or have a moment of intimacy. I alone was never enough.

As for you getting our friends involved, now they’ve failed. I’m the villain and you’re the little wounded bird? Typical. Just like your assumption on our first date that I was a snob and pissy because you took me to Big Jim’s Taco Tent. I was pissed because you were on your phone the whole time playing Words with Mild Acquaintances. I see now all your passive aggressive manipulations, I spent our second date going on roller coasters, which I hate, trying to prove that I wasn’t the snob you set me up to be. The second date wasn’t perfect. Nothing was.

Fuck Off,


PS - I suggest you delete this ASAP, because I might accidentally leave it open for Anthony to read, and you’ve pretty much outlined every place he can find you to beat your ass.”