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    • chuckj3

      Firstly, this young lady has taken initiative to do what very few have done. It’s nice to know that there are some that are still willing to stand up for themselves. She stood up and made a stand for many young people the knowledge that they’re not the only ones to think one thing or another. It’s sorta refreshing to see someone as young grasping and putting her rights into application. Considering that this Pam Stenzel apparently can’t grasp the idea of protected sex, in the first place, it doesn’t surprise me that she’s a thumper. She uses completely religious arrogance to allow her to LOOK like she knows what she’s thinking about. I know plenty of people who’ve had sex with more than one partner… yet they’ve yet to have STDs or become pregnant. Ignorance MUST be bliss, after all.  Yeah, I’m 26 and have yet to have sex, but it’s not because of distorted idiots like her. It’s got to do with my moral convictions and perceptions. People like her are the reason so much ignorance has survived. I’m not religious, yet I’ve got more sense in a single strand of hair on my head than she’s got in her entirety. You can give the facts and statistics to back them up to give teens a reason to think about abstaining, but what they do isn’t going to be changed by what people say, for what you say can only assist in consideration of what they might do. It’s about the choices we make, that’s where it all makes the difference. Yes, you risk becoming pregnant and risk transfer of STDs, but it’s not entirely assured that you will.  In all, keep on fighting, Kate. You’ll have my backing.

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