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    • chrisw69

      1.) Yeah,Ican.Iwanted to watch the show, not sing about it.
      2.) Not really. I’d have to have been interested in them back then. Nickelodeon wasn’t always the only channel with cartoons.
      3.) I’m like that with everything.
      4.) Not really.
      5.) They added stupid shit to that now.
      6.) YUP.
      7.) No, that was stupid to me asakid.
      8.) Who doesn’t?
      9.) Mine didn’t look that nice that’s pictured.
      10.) Not really.
      11.) I’mamale. Notafemale. Move on.
      12.) Nope again! :D
      13.) Never needed one.IhadaCD Player instantly.
      14.) Not really. AlthoughIused it asafight song foraVideo Game.
      15.) No, all the “Cool Kids” were having babies, drinking, and doing drugs. All the regular kids who had proper allowances wore Ring Pops. Try to keep up, please?
      16.) Nope again! :D
      17.) Duh.
      18.) Hahaha, omg WOW “Begged to Stay Up” to watch that? Hahaha, wow. No. It was on at8or 9pm…. Cute.
      19.) Only the girls did that nonsense. Some came too soon with that whole “Baby” nonsense.
      20.) Dunkaroos? BishIhad Oreos and Reeses.
      21.) Mine never had one. xD!!! Now, that’s what the Internet Hate Machine has absorbed and grew from.
      22.) Turtles, X-Men, and more. See? NOT always on Nickelodeon.
      23.) Duh.
      24.) No,Iactually didn’t.
      25.) Not really. That girl needs to wash her face, though.

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