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    Updated on Aug 20, 2020. Posted on Sep 12, 2014

    21 Things All Chemistry Majors Would Understand

    Chemistry is the study of all matter. This means we have a degree in everything, right?

    1. You've been yelled at one point for not wearing your safety goggles.

    2. You may have seen someone take a shower in class.

    American Chemical Society / Via

    3. Your wafting technique is on point.

    Columbia Records / / Via

    4. You had that ONE person in your lab group who was ALWAYS the cause of experimental error.

    5. How you THINK everyone should react after you mass out the EXACT amount on the balance.

    6. How you KNOW everyone reacts when you struggle taking the weighing paper off the balance.

    SPIKE / Via

    7. You got to a point where you no longer needed to look at the periodic table.

    NBC / Via

    8. Your definition of mole is totally different than the normal person.

    Andi (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: Andi

    9. One more drop. One moooooooooooore drop. One moooooooooooooore drop!

    Charles D Winters / Getty Images

    10. That first time trying to figure out the chirality thumb rule.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    11. You realize half your class disappears after Organic Chem I.

    Andrew Allio (CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Via Flickr: Andrew Allio

    12. You're a little disturbed that the only thing you remember from PChem is PV=nRT.

    13. Convincing your friends that GC-Mass Spec wasn't a rapper.

    Nomadsoul1 / Getty Images / Via /

    14. Your first thought after hearing about the dangers of wearing contacts on lab day.

    The Cannon Group / Via

    15. Instead of being awe-struck, you scream out Barium!

    Hemera Katia Gizzi / Getty Images

    16. You treat a gas tank more carefully than a newborn baby.

    Tara Moore / Getty Images / jeffy1139 / Getty Images

    17. You've snickered when you heard someone whisper "LEO the lion says GER" during a midterm.

    NBC / Via

    18. At least one article of clothing had holes in it from an acid or base spill.

    Stephen Schauer / Getty Images

    19. Ye got blistas on ye fingas from the molecular model kits.

    Nintendo / Via

    20. Sample taking forever? Let's rearrange this box of pipette tips!


    21. You've dealt with the kid asking for help on a lab report the night before its due.

    NBC / Via

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