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    • christywardp

      Plus, some of these “errors” may have been designed by the writers to show the humanity and imperfection of the characters speaking them. Example: The inaugural statement about Jefferson and Adams by Bartlett. He’s just rattling off names of presidents who he feels are likely to have “thought itagood idea”. He’s not reading it out ofatextbook. Nothing says thataPresident has to know every minute detail of Presidential history. The same can be said for the Oscar Wilde and the Schubert comments. The “Evan’s Gambit” thing was supposed to beajoke. So,Iguess the author of this piece got the joke without even realizing it. The point was that you couldn’t know the gambit withasingle move. So, thanks for getting it. And,Ithink that Toby is mentioning those as separate speeches, hence the comma it’sashortened version of “the fear itself speech and Lincoln’s second inaugural”. He’s not actually stating that the fear itself speech was Lincoln. He’s mentioning FDR’s “Fear Itself” speech as well as Lincoln’s second inaugural. Now,Ido agree that “Fear Itself” should not be in his mind, as it isaFirst Inaugural, notaSecond Inaugural.  For #14, that one is quite glaring. WhenIsaw it,Ijust assumed that the kid was bolstering himself with falsehood, but the storyline was never played out that way.

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