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    21 Reasons Dylan O'Brien Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend

    WARNING: may cause unholy amount of feels. #sorrynotevenkindasorry? It dawned on me while making this that this list may be creepy. If he ever finds this HI DYLAN SORRY

    1. Sometimes Dylan has the ability to look super cuddly and like you'd want to take a nap and watch Space Jam with him

    Let's watch Space Jam in our jammies.

    2. But also look like a goddamn sex symbol

    3. He's mastered the wink...even if it is a bit long for a wink

    More "almost a pirate"

    4. He loves his fans

    5. He always seems to have a pillow handy

    Listen, my ideal disney prince is doting enough to let me have his pillow

    6. No. Words. Needed.

    7. He's an unapologetic goofball

    8. Moles though. For realsies.

    9. He's just as excited about food as you are

    10. WHY

    11. ARE

    12. YOU

    13. SO

    14. CUTE

    15. Long hair. Short Hair. Always rocking the funny faces

    It's like when Jim looks at the camera in The Office but all the time and it's great

    16. You'd never have to guess how he was feeling

    I'm going with outrage and/or just ate a Warhead. Whateva, you do you.

    17. He's still humble

    Or not, like I don't know the dude you ask him if he's humble while I watch him pretend to be a turtle.

    18. He does this thing while kissing.

    19. He had his awkward years too

    SOOOOOO here's the story from A to Z you wanna get with me you better listen carefully...

    20. He has the best bromance with Tyler Posey since JD and Turk from Scrubs

    I hope I didn't break BROtocol for saying that.

    21. Basically I don't know if I want to cuddle with him or bang him

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