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    22 Things You'll Just Get If You've Been Single For Like, A Long Time

    You delete Tinder only to download it again three days later.

    1. You've been a third wheel to just about all of your friends.

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    2. And hanging out with your parents is no exception.

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    3. Your parents have told you, "Your time will come when you least expect it!"

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    4. Just like your friends have said, "There's plenty of fish in the sea."


    5. You've lost track of how long your ~dry spell~ has lasted.


    6. You've deleted and downloaded Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and just about any other dating app...


    7. ...only to delete and download again a few days later.

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    8. You tend to come on a little ~too strong~ when you actually meet someone who's interested in you.


    9. You're often placed on the end of a group picture because... well, ya know.


    10. You've felt cornered at a family gathering (or five) because your relatives ask you if you're seeing anyone.


    11. You've gotten so used to being single that the thought of dating someone freaks you out because that means a change in routine.

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    12. You freeze when someone asks you, "When's the last time you were in a relationship?"


    13. And you have a hard time answering, "What do you look for in a significant other?" as well.


    14. Because honestly, even you aren't sure what you're looking for half the time.


    15. You freak out when someone hits on you because you literally have no idea how to act.


    16. You're pretty much oblivious when someone likes you.


    17. You roll your eyes while feeling jealous when you see another Facebook friend who's gotten engaged.

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    18. Your friends have tried, and failed, to set you up with someone they just KNOW you'd be perfect with.


    19. So much so that the term "blind date" makes you cringe.


    20. But hey, being single isn't that bad. You get your big, comfy bed all to yourself!

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    21. You never have to worry about buying your nonexistent significant other gifts for any holiday.

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    22. And your time is just that: YOUR time.


    Cheers, fellow single friend!!!!!

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