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    21 Truths Every Late Bloomer Will Painfully Relate To

    I didn't choose this life, it chose me.

    1. Growing up, you had no idea what your friends were talking about half of the time.

    2. Anyone you had a crush on saw you as just a ~friend~.

    3. But when someone did have a crush on you, you were completely clueless.

    4. You were never considered a ~wild child~.

    5. You were the last person to grow out of things that were considered "just for kids."

    6. Your "awkward" phase lasted longer than any of your friends.

    7. You were (probably) the shortest person in your friend group.

    8. Or your class, for that matter.

    9. And you were definitely the last person to lose your virginity.

    10. You were constantly left wondering, "Wait, what does that mean?"

    11. You often missed out on a lot of things your friends were experiencing because you weren't there quite yet.

    12. Which only led you to feel extra pressure to catch up.

    13. You were picked last when it came to making teams for gym class.

    14. Your first relationship wasn't until either the end of high school or the beginning of college.

    15. You still tend to be socially awkward around new groups of people.

    16. And you're even more awkward when it comes to flirting.

    17. You enjoyed "looking" younger than your friends...

    18. ...but didn't like "feeling" younger than them.

    19. Whenever your friends are sharing crazy stories about what they did when they were younger, you don't exactly have a ton to share.

    20. You can spot a fellow late bloomer a mile away, and instantly relate to them.

    21. And you'll probably look ~young~ way longer than any of your friends.

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