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I'm Sorry, But Camping Is Fucking Horrible

Nature schmature.

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Now, I'm not here to knock anyone who loves camping, because hey, we all have our vice. But when I say camping sucks, I have receipts. Let me break it down for you.

3. You're basically sleeping on the floor.

It's cold. And uncomfortable. And just all around terrible.


6. Speaking of food, these things just do not cut it.

Portable stoves sound cool in theory, but no. Just no.

8. It's almost never as ~luxurious~ as you see on TV.

Unless you go "glamping," you're bound to run into a blunder like this.


10. You run the risk of getting seriously lost if you're not paying attention.

Lidl Voyages

Seriously, the woods are fucking massive and have you SEEN The Blair Witch Project? No. Thank. You.

13. On top of ALL of that, not only are campfires difficult to start, but they can also be incredibly dangerous.


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