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17 Painful Truths For Anyone Who's Ever Had To Move Back In With Their Parents

Come home, they said. It'll be worth it, they said.

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1. Your parents often ask you, "So, when are you going to get a job?"


2. And your love life isn't off limits, either.


3. Because if you so much as mention a ~date~, your parents will insist on meeting them.


4. You know you can't be even a little bit disrespectful when you're living under their roof.

My mum constantly shouts me from another room in the house & then goes silent when I respond πŸ™‚ why πŸ™‚

5. And you need to be mindful of how long your showers are and how much electricity you're using.

Left the light in my room on to quickly pop into the kitchen... Mum just walked into the kitchen talking about since you wanna leave your light on, I’m transferring the electricity bill to your account

6. When you get home from a night out, you have to be extremely careful not to wake anyone up.


7. Your mom or dad has volunteered you for chores around the house.

My mum is making me vacuum the carpet we are using for the guests in our backyard ... after she made us wash it #ArabMumThings

8. You can no longer walk around in your underwear.


9. You will undoubtedly be treated like a kid again.


10. Some of your friends have given you side-eye when they find out you live at home.


11. Listening to music as loud as you want has become a thing of the past.


12. You're now socially obligated to attend family gatherings.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

13. Waking up any time past 8 a.m. is considered very, very late.

ur mum when u wake up after 9AM

14. "My house. My rules."

I can't wait to finally have my own house so I can invite my dad over just to say "dad as long as you're under my roof, you will live by my rules"

Enough said.

15. But hey, at least there's always food around.

Buena Vista Television

16. You'll pay little (if any) rent.


17. And you'll save way more money than you thought.

Cartoon Network

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