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    15 Cats From This Week Guaranteed To Lift Your Heckin' Spirits

    We simply don't deserve such beauty.

    1. These two were just having a friendly disagreement:

    they won’t stop pushing eachother into the trash can

    2. This week, this cat felt like making some new friends:

    Every day I stare out the window @shopify at a cat in someone’s apartment. Weeks ago @_myles and I asked what its name was. Today they obliged and weve never been happier.

    3. This girl wanted to make her presence KNOWN:

    this cat here? this crying cat meme? this is my cat! her name is inkky and shes 8 years old!!! i want everyone who uses the meme to know who she is, just like cat no banana/anfisa! her twitter is @its_inkky !

    4. This cat was so good at sitting still, you'd think they're a statue:

    idk how my boyfriends cat is real he is constantly in state of blep and his name is Carl Sagan

    5. This one was an expert at ~blending~ in:

    u/LilNikster / Via

    6. This kitty finally gave into his human's requests:

    Mom sent a pic of dad trying to get the cat to stop disturbing him while he prays by giving my cat his own mini sejadah. Partly worked 😅

    7. This kitty made a fire station his forever home:

    This stray cat just showed up at a fire station and moved right in. But the guys were SO nervous about what would happen when the chief found out 🐈❤🔥

    8. This one was in the mood to play some tunes:

    u/Pedadinga / Via

    9. This cutie just wanted to wake you the heck up:

    u/raelaj / Via

    10. This guy was willing to do ANYTHING to keep his human from playing computer games:

    u/selotec / Via

    11. This cat went to drastic measures to get comfy:

    My cat ripped open my comforter just to sleep inside it. bye.

    12. This one was shocked when their reflection actually DID show:

    u/AndrysThorngage / Via

    13. This guy wanted to eat his spoon instead of his actual food:

    u/GucciSlippers / Via

    14. This precious bb just wanted someone to snuggle with:

    u/Dascoo24 / Via

    15. And this little one just wasn't ready to say goodbye to the holiday season:

    u/gistya / Via

    And in case you missed last week's kitty roundup, you can check it out here!

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    Ryan Pattie/BuzzFeed

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