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    Updated on Jan 19, 2019. Posted on Jan 18, 2019

    20 Cats From This Week Who Graced The Internet With Their Presence

    "Awwww!" — You after reading this.

    1. This week, Goose said he was ready to help Captain Marvel kick some serious butt:


    2. This cat wanted to leave their mark on Google Maps:

    So I found this on Google Maps

    3. This girl wanted to join their neighbor for bath time:

    After cycling 🚴‍♀️ almost 20 miles today, I decided to soak in the bathtub 🛁 before tonight’s game of football ⚽️! Jess th Neighbours Cat 🐈 also popped in to see me ha ha! What are you up to after work?

    4. And this cat was NOT afraid to wake their friends up if it meant getting nice and comfy:

    thinking of just being a cat and dog fan account from now on

    5. Cloud was determined to break the internet at all costs:

    So an egg in the most liked picture on the internet?!? Please retweet this unedited picture of my cat Cloud and make it the most retweeted on Twitter by beating 5.3 million! When else will you see a cat go into a real ninja stance? It would make Cloud so happy! Thank you all :)

    6. This cat didn't seem to know which way was up:

    7. This little dude was ready to go for a ride:

    U/I_Shit_Gold_Bars / Via

    8. This little one forbade their humans to look at their social media:

    U/ltinia / Via

    9. This one probably saw something they weren't supposed to see:

    U/piyabipo / Via

    10. Zyler simply nailed the 10 year challenge:

    #2009vs2019 cat edition @zylerthecat #10yearchallange

    11. This cutie found their forever home:

    I found a homeless cat today... needless to say he is no longer homeless

    12. This cat elegantly used her manners:

    my cat knocks when she wants in

    13. This cutie was having a ball protecting one of their family members:

    U/bergamot4 / Via

    14. And these guys definitely knew the value of a free meal:

    My roommates and I have been feeding stray cats and I just wanted to share how chunky they’ve gotten from August to December

    15. This one was ready to walk the runway:

    16. Kyra just wanted to have a good time:

    U/justIven / Via

    17. These cats were having one heck of a photo session:

    18. This feline became an actual work of art:

    my gf said we needed “real artwork” in our apartment instead of my sports posters so i took a pic of her cat and got a giant print made hehehehehe

    19. This cat (probably) realized they were a cat?!?!

    That slow realization that you’re a cat.

    20. And this one just had to look at you with those piercing blue eyes to get you to fall in love with them:

    U/faithnoelt / Via

    In case you missed last week's kitty roundup, you can check it out here!

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