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19 Horror Movie Final Girls Who Are So Badass It Hurts

They came. They saw. They conquered.

In case you're wondering, a Final Girl is the last character standing in a horror film.

Dimension Films / Via ScreamTrilogy

Basically, it's all the badass characters in horror movies who aren't afraid to stand up to the person/thing killing everyone they love.

So, in no particular order, here are 19 Final Girls who can help us all channel our inner badass.

1. Julie James, I Know What You Did Last Summer

Columbia Pictures

Portrayed by: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Julie managed to kick some serious ass (knocking a guy off a boat, for starters) while still maintaining her sweet, innocent charm. Also, how can we forget her memorable, "What are you waiting for?!" line? Iconic.

2. Alice, Resident Evil

Constantin Film

Portrayed by: Milla Jovovich

Alice is an unstoppable force of nature so it's no surprise she's lived to kick ass in every Resident Evil movie out there. From killing someone with just a look to knowing a machine gun like the back of her hand, Alice is someone you definitely want on your team.

3. Sydney Prescott, Scream

Dimension Films

Portrayed by: Neve Campbell

To say Sydney's been through a lot would be the understatement of the year. Her half-brother murdered her mom, her college sweetheart was murdered, and even her own cousin tried to murder her!

4. Alice Hardy, Friday the 13th

Paramount Pictures

Portrayed by: Adrienne King

Early on in the film, Alice had her wits about her. She knew how to talk to the killer, which led to her victory in the end.

5. Erin Harson, You're Next


Portrayed by: Sharni Vinson

Erin grew up in a survivalist compound, so of course she raised hell against the villain, who is actually her boyfriend. I'd be pissed if she wasn't the final girl in this movie.

6. Maggie Blaire, Cassidy Tappan, and Ellie Morris, Sorority Row

Summit Entertainment

Portrayed by (left to right): Caroline D'Amore, Briana Evigan and Rumer Willis

While male final girls are rare, more than one girl standing at the end of horror movie is even rarer. Props to these tough cookies for lasting till the end.

7. Erin, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 remake)

New Line Cinema

Portrayed by: Jessica Biel

Who doesn't love a good remake? Erin was tough, smart and quick - three traits every final girl needs in order to survive. Did I mention she was quick? Girl can RUN.

8. Jesse Walsh, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

New Line Cinema

Portrayed by: Mark Patton

Yes, male "final girls" pop up from time to time and Jesse is no exception. While his strength didn't show until much later in the film, he was still victorious in the final showdown with Freddy Krueger.

9. Dana Polk, The Cabin in the Woods


Portrayed by: Kristin Connolly

Dana took what is probably one of the most brutal beatings by a villain in horror movie history. On top of that, she was nearly mauled by a werewolf and somehow STILL made it to the end. Sure, the world may have ended, but she's still a Final Girl. And you know it.

10. Natalie Simon, Urban Legend

TriStar Pictures

Portrayed by: Alicia Witt

Natalie was always one step ahead of the masked killer and quickly figured out what was actually happening. Thank goodness she didn't end up like an urban legend like all her friends.

11. Nancy Thompson, A Nightmare on Elm Street

New Line Cinema

Portrayed by: Heather Langenkamp

Nancy Thompson needs no introduction. A legend in terms of horror characters, Nancy beat Krueger not once, but TWICE. Bam.

12. Chris Washington, Get Out

Universal Pictures

Portrayed by: Daniel Kaluuya

When it comes to Chris Washington, only one thought comes to mind: Always go with your gut. Chris had the feeling that something was off the entire movie and while he may have found out too late, he still kicked some major ass.

13. Madison "Maddie" Young, Hush


Portrayed by: Kate Siegel

As a deaf woman, Maddie faces a unique set of challenges in surviving a horror film. At one point, she strategically plans out her escape, going as far as to include routes in which she knew she'd die. So. badass.

14. Mia Allen, Evil Dead

TriStar Pictures

Portrayed by: Jane Levy

Mia is the epitome of a Final Girl. After becoming one of the most vicious demons to grace the big screen, she became reacquainted with her human form, cut off her own hand, and STILL managed to survive.

15. Kelli Presley, Black Christmas

Dimension Films

Portrayed by: Katie Cassidy

Kelli literally saw all of her sorority sisters and house mother get butchered, so a defibrillator to the killer's face is only fitting.

16. Anita "Needy" Lesnicki, Jennifer's Body

20th Century Fox

Portrayed by: Amanda Seyfried

True to her name, Needy was the ~needy~ best friend of main character/villain Jennifer Check. After she finds out Jennifer isn't as sweet as everyone thinks, Needy literally stabs Jennifer in the heart. Classic.

17. Sally Hardesty, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Bryanston Pictures

Portrayed by: Marilyn Burns

Sally is one of the first characters to be dubbed a Final Girl. After being bound, tortured, and nearly killed several times, Sally manages to escape, though we're not sure she's completely sane by the end of it.

18. Laurie Strode, Halloween

Compass International

Portrayed by: Jamie Lee Curtis

Even if you don't know horror, chances are you've heard of Laurie Strode. Sister of Michael Myers, Laurie's kicked his ass not once, not twice, but THREE times. A true horror queen.

And she's coming back in 2018!

19. Max Cartwright, The Final Girls

Stage 6 Films

Portrayed by: Taissa Farmiga

In a nod to all '80s horror, Max joins her mom in a fictional world to face off against Billy Murphy (think Jason). Using her mom's techniques, Max outsmarts Billy several times and becomes a Final Girl in her own right. We're still waiting on the sequel.

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