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23 Signs Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

Love ya, sis!

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1. When something big happens in your life, she's usually the first person you tell.


2. You never go more than a few hours without talking to or texting each other.


3. But when you do, it throws your entire day off.

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4. She's the one you cling to at family gatherings you'd rather not be at.

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5. You both have incredibly embarrassing stories about each other, most of which you wouldn't dare bring up.


6. And embarrassing pictures certainly exist, too.


7. Her approval of a potential love interest is crucial.

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8. She's your go-to for random shopping trips.


9. You'll tell each other to like each other's statuses, pictures, and tweets when they aren't getting enough love.


10. Your fights never last longer than an hour.


11. Your inside jokes beat out anyone else's, because they literally go back to the beginning of your life.


12. You can sense her mood as soon as you see her face.

TV Land

13. And you also know what she's about to say before she says it.

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14. You know you can go to her with your deepest, darkest secrets without any fear of being judged.

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15. Her advice will always be straight to the point because she knows it's what's best for you.


16. And she'll always tell you if your outfit looks good or not.

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17. She's one of the only people you can spend several hours with alone because you can actually enjoy the silence.

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18. She knows all about your guilty pleasure TV shows, movies, and music, and doesn't judge you one bit for it.


19. You are both genuinely excited for one another when something good happens in your lives.


20. Growing up, your summers were spent entertaining each other by any means possible.


21. Your tastes in music are very similar because you grew up listening to the same stuff.


22. She's one of the only people who knows you better than you know yourself.

The CW

23. And she'll defend you to the death, no matter the situation. And you'd do the same for her.


Shoutout to all the sisters out there!

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