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21 Things About Moving Out That Will Make You Say, "Damn, I Wish I Knew That"

Here's to growing up. Kind of.

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1. It's not always as glamorous (or spacious) as you see in the movies.

It's likely your first place won't be as nice as your parents' house, and that's OK! Living "the struggle" will be something you can soon look back on fondly.

2. The cravings for your favorite hometown restaurants will be REAL.

Nothing says homesick like missing that ONE restaurant that doesn't exist outside of your hometown.

4. Grocery shopping is pretty damn difficult.

Figuring out where the milk is only to find out you forgot something ACROSS the damn store is pretty stressful. But don't worry, soon you'll be a grocery ~pro.~


5. Your bills multiply overnight.

Before you know it you're looking at your bills like, "Where the fuck did these all come from?" Life, man.

6. If you want your apartment to be clean, it's up to you (and only you) to clean it.

Mom won't be around to pick up after you!

7. Making your place feel like ~home~ is a process, and it will take some time for your place to feel just right.

Adding small touches here and there, or even pictures of your old house, will make you feel so much better.


9. Depending on where you move, the weather may be a bit of a shock, too.

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If you grew up with warm weather being the norm and go to a place that actually has snow, yeah, it's tough. Invest in what people like to call ~winter gear~ and you'll be set!

10. Food is a precious resource you wouldn't dare waste.

You'll definitely make sure those veggies won't go stale anymore.

11. Making new friends isn't an overnight process.


Making friends anywhere is tough, let alone a brand new city. Make sure not to rush the process, because these friends can potentially be your family away from home.

12. And once you do make new friends, keep in mind that staying in touch with your friends back home takes effort.

Making new friends doesn’t mean losing old ones

Your friends back home miss you just as much as you miss them. Make sure you make an effort to reach out on occasion!


13. You'll miss the little fights you had with your siblings.

What you wouldn't give for another "You stole my t-shirt!" argument.

15. Which will lead you to appreciate them so much more.

I can't wait for my kids one day to love me as much as i love and appreciate my parents. Talk about real love

Now is the time you think, "Damn, they were right."

16. Keeping up with time differences will be tough at first, but you'll get the hang of it before you know it.


Texting someone "Good morning!" and them not responding for three hours is quite the adjustment.


19. You'll become extremely independent very quickly, because you won't have a choice.


When you're on your own, you are literally in charge of EVERYTHING. Nothing will get done for you, so becoming independent is a trait you will develop in no time.

20. Time FLIES because you're figuring out everything on your own.

Whether you're starting a new job or making new friends, six months will pass before you know it.

21. And regardless of how difficult it will be at times, you won't regret it because you know it's one of the best decisions you've ever made.


You will get sad, you will get lonely, and you will get homesick. Remember why you made the move in the first place and you'll be unstoppable. You can do it!