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    Updated on Oct 27, 2018. Posted on Nov 11, 2017

    18 Truths For Anyone Who Didn't Have A Lot Of Friends In High School

    High school. What a time.

    1. You lived the ~ideal~ high school life vicariously through every fictional high schooler.


    You almost WISHED your life was as dramatic as theirs.

    2. Your weekend consisted of you and your friends watching TV because you didn't have much else to do.

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    Now you're HAPPY this is what you do on the weekend.

    3. You knew about all the ~hot gossip~, but you were never involved in it.

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    Looking back, it's something you were thankful for.

    4. You enjoyed participating in class, but hated it at the same time because it meant all eyes were on you.


    5. Basically, you became incredibly anxious whenever someone outside of your friend group was paying attention to you.


    6. Whenever you weren't with your friends, you hung out with your parents. A lot.

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    But hey, you enjoyed it, so it worked out.

    7. You weren't a fan of school assemblies because it was rare you'd find a seat next to someone you actually liked.

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    8. And lunch was no easy task, either.

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    You guys did NOT have time to socialize with others.

    9. Basically, any social function at school was TOUGH.

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    If your friends weren't going, neither were you.

    10. Dating wasn't in the cards for you.


    Me, silently to myself: "Maybe next year."

    11. Because your friends were in different homerooms, getting to school early meant waiting around by yourself until class started.


    12. Your teachers relied on you to get your work done and be an active participant in class because you were never one to goof off.

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    13. You and your friends rarely got the invite to a "cool" party, if ever.


    14. It's likely your crush never knew your name because you've probably only said a few words to them.

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    15. And because you had few friends, you were instantly deemed "uncool" by the popular crowd.

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    16. The thought of joining a club or a sport stressed you the fuck out because it meant ~putting yourself out there~.


    17. You had one or two close friends, and it SUCKED when they weren't at school.


    The day just lasted longer, am I right?

    18. But instead of having a ton of small friendships, you were grateful to have a few meaningful ones, who you're still friends with to this day.


    Yay to friendship!

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