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    • christopherloganc

      As for 6, one major complaint I have about others’ comments on the changes to concealed carry laws: The law was not about allowing people to carry into bars. I don’t understand why everyone acts like that was the reason. The law was changed to allow people to carry in RESTAURANTS. It’s nonsensical that we were preventing people from doing something as common and trivial as going out to eat when they have a concealed carry permit. Furthermore, there is NOTHING preventing bars (or even restaurants) from posting a “No Concealed Weapons” sign, which is enforced by law in this state. All this change has done is given the owner of the establishment the choice on whether their patrons are allowed to bring their concealed weapon which they had to go through a 1+ month long background check, take an 8 hour class, pass an exam, and have their fingerprints put on file for. Exactly what is the problem? Is that truly not enough to be allowed a choice? Concealed carry permit holders have never been able to nor will be able to carry while any level of alcohol is in their system. Not even a sip of beer is allowed by law. So chill out. Concealed carry holders will remain sober and fed, and the bars can put “No Concealed Weapons” on the entrance so that everyone can be happy. That all said, I think you’ll find it hard to find anyone that says that 10 is appropriate. That’s just shameful.

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