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    15 Times Things Blended In So Perfectly, It Almost Looks Photoshopped

    Camouflage wishes it had this talent.

    1. These shoes that appear to be one with the gym floor.

    Osirisk / Via

    2. This coffee cup doing its best to blend right in at the office.

    dlerman / Via

    3. This Pop-Tart's frosting that looks just like the plate it's on.

    YoungO / Via

    4. This person's leggings that perfectly match the gym floor.

    rayenicely / Via

    5. These shoes that blend in perfectly with the gravel.

    adognamedwalter / Via

    6. This burrito that blends in with the tortilla-looking table.

    tetherbooks / Via

    7. This wood grain phone case that blends in with the table.

    iamnotchris / Via

    8. This block of cheese blending in with the countertop.

    Jester6641 / Via

    9. This person's wallet design that 100% lines up with their car seat.

    catsnstuffz / Via

    10. This person's shirt that perfectly matches their plate.

    TheGunt123 / Via

    11. This obelisk made of granite that is blending right in with the sky.

    Kexmedsaft / Via

    12. This person's shirt that matches the inside of the bowl they're eating out of.

    lrossp / Via

    13. This adorable pup with fur that flawlessly fits the carpet.

    p3rcymiracl3z / Via

    14. This person's tights that look like they've fully merged with the office floor.

    cherry_blossoms_89 / Via

    15. And finally, this water's reflection that's causing the fence and trampoline to blend together, making the trampoline appear hollow.

    huntermanhlh / Via

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