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    Updated on Nov 28, 2019. Posted on Nov 28, 2019

    17 Spelling Fails That Are So, So Hilariously Bad

    The squiggly red line underneath misspellings is appalled.

    1. Let's start with this enormous typo.

    putin_on_a_ritz96 / Via

    2. In fairness, "parmesan" is a tough spell.

    Temkalhk / Via

    3. Do you prefer pancakes or "the leggo my eggo things?"

    Shxcking / Via

    4. Deceivingly dumb.

    FunnyID / Via

    5. SUIT YO SELF.

    twotimetony / Via

    6. How do you say, "not even close" in French?

    IShotTheMH370 / Via

    7. But really, does Wendy's still do the 4 for $4?

    aildeokl / Via

    8. At least this person knows they're not an English major!

    cloudish94 / Via

    9. Should've just asked, "Are they separately priced menu items?" or something.

    gordoncrisp / Via

    10. Are we though?

    raelaj / Via

    11. Let's talk about how to spell "disgust."

    Kes0n / Via

    12. Yikes.

    RecurvBow / Via

    13. At least this one sounds right.

    beetlejuice5 / Via

    14. Pesky incontinences.

    MemeBoi31 / Via

    15. Tehehe.

    blockman2803 / Via

    16. Either these berries are REALLY good, or they meant something else.

    Rupertfitz / Via

    17. And finally, here's a sign written by someone who dozen spell well.

    maykapenasalabi / Via

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