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15 Really Infuriating Hotels That Deserve To Be Loudly Booed


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1. This hotel's stupidly long Wi-Fi password.

notdanstevens / Via

2. This hotel that will charge you if you even dare to touch the snacks in the tray or mini-bar.

saxman162 / Via

3. Or this hotel water bottle that says, "PLEASE ENJOY" in large text, but tells you it's $4 per bottle in teeny tiny text.

greekfire765 / Via

4. This hotel elevator's senselessly arranged floor numbers.

idiotswork / Via

5. This sign that serves you no benefit if you're staying in room 326.

nicaraguandeathsquad / Via

6. This hotel's small, hidden doorstop that's difficult to see, but easy to painfully bang your foot on.

SpartanJack17 / Via

7. This hotel's very strangely positioned TV.

HarambeSalamii / Via

8. This note in the hotel's bed that wouldn't be there if they'd done proper cleaning.

time2fly80 / Via

9. The handles on this hotel's faucet that look like this when the water is turned off.

horsecave / Via

10. This hotel's terrible, awful, no-good shower head.

Epp-1-Stein / Via

11. This hotel's Wi-Fi that FORCES you to make the "choice" to "opt-in" to a newsletter.

j1002s / Via

12. This hotel's toilet paper holder that's so, so far away from where it needs to be.

MotleyHatchet / Via

13. Or this hotel's toilet paper holder that's way, way too close.

michiganx / Via

14. This hotel's gym that has very conflicting signs.

DirtSteen25 / Via

15. And finally, this hotel that charges $22.32 for two sodas, because y'know: delivery fee, gratuity, service charges/gratuity, 9% service charge, sales tax, and of course, soda tax.

KevlarYarmulke / Via

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