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    18 Feelings That Are Way Too Real If You're An Emotionally Guarded Person

    A co-worker asking you for your Instagram is a nightmare.

    1. You admittedly know how difficult it is for people to get you to open up.

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    2. Whether it's because you're quiet or because you've got a hostile resting face, there are often misconceptions about the type of person you are.

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    3. It can be stressful trying to keep work separate from your personal life when co-workers try to connect on social media.

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    4. When people try to force you to talk about feelings, you'll dance your way out of the conversation.


    5. You're always shy when you first meet people but as you get comfortable, your crazier side comes out.


    6. Or people might think your reserved ways are mysterious and cool, when in actuality you're just as weird and geeky as anyone else.


    7. It's not that you don’t like people, you just have a hard time opening up knowing that gossiping is everyone’s favorite pastime.


    8. Trying to console other people who are dealing with their own feelings is challenging.


    9. Catching yourself beginning to get emotionally vulnerable is scary.

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    10. You don't get involved in any dramatics, but you'll certainly watch them from the sideline.

    11. There's a small circle of people who truly know you.

    12. Like, a very, very tiny circle.

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    13. You might be interested in interacting with someone, but you don't emote freely, so you'll wait around hoping they reach out first.


    14. Part of being reserved is overthinking interactions, which often results in talking yourself out of interaction entirely.

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    15. People try to push you towards being more outgoing, but it's not going to happen that easily.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @SassySeaI

    16. If someone tries to get to know you, you need to know that they REALLY care before you'll open up, so you stay reserved and hope that they'll keep prying.


    17. If you finally let your guard down a little bit, all it takes is someone hurting you slightly and you'll go right back to blocking off your feelings.


    18. Basically, you’re a little jealous of people who can open up and express their feelings easily. But even if you can't, there's a little comfort in the fact that YOU are protecting YOU emotionally and it'll all be fine.


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